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Nasogastric vs PEG tube for Alzheimer’s/dementia with swallowing problem

Based on my mother's experience in having a feeding tube placed when she could no longer consume enough by mouth ...
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Karmic creditors- in troubled relationships, illness, life threatening events and sudden death

Karmic creditors are beings, in physical or spirit form whom we have owed karmic debts in the past. They become ...
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Alzheimer’s and Tube Feeding | 6 months update

My mom who is having end stage Alzheimer's has been placed on nasogastric tube feeding since end of June 2020 ...
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Spiritual Causes of ALS, neurological disorders and sudden paralysis

ALS and other neuromuscular degeneration are diseases that have a strong spiritual and karmic cause. Until today, there is no ...
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Advice for the broken hearted and those unlucky in love

There is a karmic element in every relationship. It is not by chance that our path crossed, we meet and ...
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Auto Immune Disease- real examples and spiritual causes

Below are real accounts from people suffering from auto immune disorders. These are written by sufferers who join support groups ...



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