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What Giving in to McDonald’s Choco Top Did to Me

Yesterday evening was at a mall in the evening. I was near McDonalds and saw a few people walking past ...
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The Fat Flush Fitness Plan

I am quite amazed at the Fat Flush Fitness plan book that I am currently reading. Several pointers mentioned in ...
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Slacking due to Stress?

This afternoon, I could not resist the vegetarian spaghetti with black pepper sauce (serve with lots of vege as side ...
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Danger of Abstaining from Carbs & Going on High Protein Diet

First, I wish to reaffirm that I do not go completely carb free. My diet is more of a combination ...
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Resource Sites for Recipes

In the net, there are lots of resources with recipes. If you run dry of ideas, you can google for ...
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Food diary: 30 June 2007

Breakfast: - Fried egg with ginger in it. - A small sweet potato. Lunch - A cup of Nescafe Breakfast ...



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