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Life is Short- Does that mean we eat what we want?

I was having lunch with my colleague a few days ago and as we were walking back to the office, ...
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Comfort Food

When a woman is feeling down, she turns to the 5Cs. Nope... not Credit Card, Condo, Car , Carreer and ...
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Feeling that does during food preparation have impact on health

Last Friday, while helping out in a course organised by my unit, I helped myself to breakfast that is provided ...
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New Direction

I was updating my profile a few days back when I noticed a change in my interests. Previously favourite movies ...
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Exercise Without Losing Weight

Today, an article in Sunday Star is quite interesting: it talks about a study conducted to find out the effects ...
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Lose Weight for Yourself, Not to Impress Others

When you want to go on a diet/exercise program, do it for YOUR WELL BEING, YOUR HEALTH and not just ...



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