food diary book 150x150 - I'm Back Again (hopefully for good)

I’m Back Again (hopefully for good)

I have lots of clothes that I had bought but never wear. Partly because I had the tedency in the ...
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healthblog 150x150 - An addiction..

An addiction..

You just got to do it everyday. If you miss out on it, you feel kinda down & tired, No ...
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healthblog 150x150 - So sorry....

So sorry….

I must apologise. Currently, I am dropping of the plan till further notice. Doing some bid of travelling to Penang ...
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healthblog 150x150 - So I indulged

So I indulged

Just came back from an absolutely great week in Penang. Met up with a very dear friend, and I was ...
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healthblog 150x150 - My Plan is Working

My Plan is Working

Few days into this and I feel so much more energetic that I have ever been. I sleep and wake ...
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stress panic time 150x150 - It's all about willpower & discipline

It’s all about willpower & discipline

Almost everyone I know have to deal with problems of maintaining their ideal weight or more so, to lose some ...
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