Why does my dog’s hind legs shake a lot (leg tremors)

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

I have noticed that my pet dog, Sabai has been having a hind legs that are constantly shaking. The shaking is prominent when he gets defensive, nervous or trying to bully our older dog.

During my recent visit to the vet for Sabai’s canine cough, I mentioned this matter to the vet as I was concerned that his shaking was due some nerve damage or some bad side effects from the tick medicine that I have been applying on my dog.

The vet has provided me some information which I hope it may be useful in case your dog is also suffering from the same thing:

  • if the dog is an older dog, he may be displaying signs of osteoarthritis.
  • tick medicine does not give such side effects
  • when the dog tries to get up after lying down for a while, the dog would seems to struggle when first moving but after a while, the dog seems to be normal

According to the vet, the dog may be uncomfortable and also in pain. In this case, it is best to provide appropriate supplement for the dog to help manage the condition.

However if the shaking is very bad and the dog seems uncomfortable, please visit the vet to check on the most appropriate treatment.

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