Why certain places increases depression and suicidal thoughts

When you feel very down, have you ever felt that somehow the energy of a particular place seemed to echo or ’emphasize’ on how you are feeling?

In the world where you felt no one understands you and that you are totally alone, certain forlorn places may seemed comforting.

These places usually consists of neglected old buildings, old hospitals, dark places/alleys and even tourist spots due to a rich history behind it.

Or sometimes you would tend to wish to go out after the sunset. The soft breeze that blow through your face seemed to resonate with your feelings.

At first, hanging out in these places would make you feel a little comforted, and it would make you visit these places more or go out at night. Even in nature, in forested trails, the energy also depends on the type of unseen beings that linger or occupy the place. Some places had a light energy. While some places seemed solemn and sad.

But caution… the more you do it, the worse your depression and sadness would get. If you notice a loved one or friend becoming like this, this is also a warning sign that should not be ignored.

The initial comforting feelings and even soothing comforting whispers that you felt in the breeze would eventually turn gradually more sinister. These would seemed to change to coaxes of gently nudging you to end your life. Eventually as you give in and trust your feelings, these urges get stronger and stronger.

My personal experience

This is what I share through my own personal experience. Many years ago while pursuing my tertiary education at another state, I had depression. Even though I opened up my problems to my friends, I felt no one understood me.

Then I started to find myself drawn to certain old depression places, which include the emergency section at the oldest hospital in the state. I actually took a bus to the hospital at night and just sat at the emergency area. Then I would take another bus to the jetty, which had hundreds years of history. The place was dim but breezy.

Somehow the energies in these places seemed solemn and sad, it kinda felt as many had passed (often unwillingly or with longing or unfinished business in their hearts) so it felt comforting.

Eventually though, my feelings of sadness, hopelessness and despair got worse as I hang out more in these places. So much so that there seemed to be ‘suggestions’ for me that the only way out was to end my life.

When we are depressed, we tend to wallow in the sadness and soon these feelings would start to spiral out of control. Our psychic shields are also down and progressively get weaker and weaker.

There are unseen beings that would feed off from negative energies. And there are more malicious ones that are looking to get us to join them. Even though it may not be for all cases, through my experience and later research, this seemed to be a possible contributing factor.

For myself, energetically I tend to be sensitive at times. Years ago, I remember feeling totally drained out of energy whenever I accompanied my mom for medical checkup at a hospital. Similarly it happens to me after visiting hospitals and funerals.

It is only after I started my spiritual practice of meditation, chanting and making effort to alter my state of mind to be more positive, that I do not experience energy drain in these places.

I have also learned that when visiting abandoned or spooky places or in forests, to invoke and send out feelings of good will. And to ask for protection from our guardian beings.

Another important factor to note is that all thoughts are not our own. And even if they are our own, they are based on assumptions and experiences from the past. That is why if we hear a voice to harm someone or to kill ourselves, we should not just act on these thoughts without consideration, since we are aware there would be strong negative consequences when we act on them.

If our thoughts and urges are too overwhelming, then we really need to seek out the health of a mental health professional. Medication may be necessary until the overwhelming thoughts, emotions and endless rumination can be subdued to enable us to slowly work towards healing.

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