Is papaya leaf juice from the pharmacy effective for treatment of dengue?

Last Updated on July 25, 2020

Once a lady shared with me that her husband was admitted to ICU due to dengue (demam denggi in Malay language). He spent about 10 days in hospital where 5 days were spent in ICU.

Actually, her husband did not have the classic symptoms of fever. All he had was severe stomachache. But the moment the doctors and nurses in the Emergency unit saw him, they knew he was having dengue. And the blood result that came back confirmed that.

The doctor explained there are many variants of denque and it is not necessary one gets fever and chills.

Anyway, his blood platlet count was going up and down to as low as 4. He was very weak.

She had heard that papaya leaf is good and she went back and made some juice from papaya leaf. As it was bitter, her husband was not able to stomach the juice.

Desperate, she went to a pharmacy to check on what alternatives she could try. As it turns out, pharmacies do sell papaya leaf juice in a form that is much more easily to swallow as it is not bitter and horrible tasting. She bought 2 bottles and her husband got better after drinking the bottled papaya leaf juice bought from the pharmacy.

There is no magic pill or procedure that hospitals could use to treat dengue. Most of the time the staff can only do their best to manage the temperature and to improve the blood count. If situations are not looking better, perhaps you can consider this remedy.

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