Having mood swings? Go for a good workout


Last Updated on March 17, 2021

Feeling stressed out at work? Finding yourself losing your temper and yelling at people for nothing? A good way to burn off those negative energy is to go for a really good workout. When you are active and constantly exercising, you tend to feel better about yourself as your body releases more endorphins- the feel good hormone.

woman exercise stretch - Having mood swings? Go for a good workout

It is true because friends I know who are very active in gym tend to be more optimistic and cheerful at work. There is a girl in my office who is a very avid gym goer. She goes for intensive cardio classes at least 2 nights a week and she is always cheerful- despite our office being very fast paced and stressful.

I still remember when I was teaching a new batch of students back in 2006 in my previous job-the entire new intake had to start work at 10am to follow my working hours- because that time I actually apply officially to start work at 10am and finish work at 7pm due to my sleeping problems. Feeling grouchy and flat out in the morning (just beginning of the day) and guilty about it- I told the class that because I had very bad quality of sleep that causes me to be very grouchy in the morning. One of the girls told me to join the gym- because she said she used to be like me but after joining the gym and exercising she felt better and within 3 months lost 5kg, making her feel even better about herself.

Finally, I took her advice. Beginning was tough- if you have been inactive and unfit for most of your life, it will be tough when you start to exercise. Every step you pedal or every run would have your thigh, arms and shoulders screaming in agony. But slowly and surely, if you don’t give up, you can built on your fitness and your well-being.

The whole gym thing may not be a cure if you have anger management issues or if your anger and emotional outbursts are rooted based on something really deeper. But it can help to relieve and especially cardiovascular activities become an avenue for your body to release the negative pent out energy instead of letting the energy buildup into your body and causing some kind of serious illness later. I know of a guy who seemed to be dealing with deep issues of anger and hatred seething inside him which sometimes comes out in fierce outburst and a loud voice- but an active gym life had helped him manage his anger and provides an avenue for him to let go of his pent-up anger.

When we are stressed up, part of that negative energy would accumulate in our body, producing all types of symptoms like headaches, lower back pain, gastric, acid reflux, shoulders discomfort. Going for cardio exercises that we enjoy or more relaxing exercises like yoga and pilates would help us to relax and release that negative pent-up energy. Usually after your favourite exercise, you would come out feeling better after a good sweat.

Not everyone is born to love exercise. For me, I’ve been a physical sloth during most of my childhood except for some taekwondo classes during my school days. But I’ve learned to integrate exercise as part of my life’s routine, making it a habit. But do take it easy at first- if you are feeling stressed at work, don’t push yourself at workouts that you dislike. Start with workout or classes that you enjoy or make exercise as your social activity. Slowly built up exercising as part of your daily routine.

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