Tui Na and Bamboo stick beating to clear pain in Singapore

Last Updated on June 20, 2021

Update: It is with deep regret to announce that Uncle San has already retired after in this profession for decades. A friend who previously visited Uncle San due to his mother’s leg is very painful is finding wet acupping (bekam) to be very helpful. I myself have tried it and you may read about my experience here.

After publishing the article on Knee beating with bamboo stick to clear blockages and reduce pain in April, I received an email from a reader from Singapore who asked about the healer’s address in Singapore. The reader had been suffering from frozen shoulders for many years and could not find any effective modes of treatment.  He was looking at surgery as the next option and previously had also spent a lot of money elsewhere.

I did not have the address of this healer, but I provided the number of a shop that I know have the details. Finally, the reader went there to seek treatment and I later receive an email from him:

“Yin Teing,

I managed to find the actual address of the TCM bamboo healer after calling the chinese medicine shop in temple street. He operates out of his own apartment on a partime basis! And so happens his address is not too far from my home !

I went there twice already for treatment on my left shoulder and has helped alot though still quite some more treatments to go. The beatings is surely very painful !!! But at least theres improvement. Before this i had gone to a well known local chinese tuai na centre which has a large chain of shops but i felt that they were not really helping me much and just going through the motion of massage and persuading to buy a package treatment deal which give extra treatment for free. I used their services before 2 years ago for other injuries but now i realised they just want you keep coming back to give them business and not sincere in helping you heal fast !

Mr Toh the TCM bamboo healer does his best each time and is sincere.

Thank You very much for your blog without which i may still be going to the previous centre as i dont know where else to seek treatment except maybe at a local private hospital which is very expensive and may require surgery ! Thank you for sharing and May God Bless You Richly !!! 

His email was really inspiring.  Therefore, during my recent trip to Singapore, I also had the opportunity to visit this healer, which we affectionately call him as Uncle San- and took somemore photos. As he treated my friends, he also explained about such painful conditions.

He does not always need to beat people with a stick. First, he would ask us what problem/pain we are experiencing. For many it is usually the shoulders, lower back, knees, elbows. He would then start with tui na and identify problem areas. Sometimes with tui na and readjustment is enough. If not, then he need to use the bamboo stick to beat:

The bamboo sticks look like this. He need not exert a lot of energy but he had a method of beating the person. If there is no problem in the area, the beating does not cause pain. If there is problem, then the pain will be bad.

Within our bones, we have like frozen blood or clots as the result of falls, injuries or diet/lifestyle. These clots causes blockages that would give a person pain or arthritic condition.

With skill using the bamboo stick, he would beat up the frozen blood and as the clots surface, it is the most painful for the person. One must bear the pain if one wants to get better. As the clots rise to the surface, detox would take place and the person’s internal circulation would disburse it. Important: Please don’t try this on your own at home. As I’ve explained in the previous post, a man tried to replicate and use a bamboo stick to beat this wife till she could not walk and had to be taken back to Uncle San for treatment.

For my friend above, she had pain on her shoulders for a while due to previously carrying lots of heavy things and that she uses her shoulders a lot. But Uncle San also commented during tui na that she always ate fried things and it causes the blockages.

Don’t worry about the blue black and bruise marks- they go off in a few days. Uncle San even commented that the skin would improve because the ‘dead blood’ had been removed.

This round, he was helping to treat a few of my friends with old injuries as the result of falls, carrying heavy things- and these injuries were giving my friends chronic pain. A friend had pain in the hip for more than 10 years- and when she treated with Uncle San, he beat her pelvic area. Prior to this, she was considering surgery. After the beating, her bums were all blue black- but Uncle San pointed at the dots of black bruise that appears and said that the dots are what causing all the problems and if not treated, it would later give the person a lot of problem. Immediately she could walk better and the pain was really much reduced.

Another friend also bought his 80 year old mother who is suffering from severe leg pain and had difficulty walking. The doctors said her knee caps cartilage are almost dried up- and knee replacement surgery is the next option.  She can walk very short distance slowly with a walking stick but would be on a wheelchair if need travel to distance. This kind lady had worked hard all her life and was finally able to enjoy and travel when she had a fall and could not really walk. Uncle San used tui na to massage the points in her knees and beat with a bamboo stick- so much of blue black rose up to the surface. This lady was really resillient- she had gone through lots of hardship in life (as she told us she grew up during the time when many parts of Singapore were still covered in jungle) so she did not even complain or yelp in pain. After that, she could get up and walk with much more ease. Uncle San’s simple treatment was much more effective than all the expensive treatment (conventional as well as complimentary) that she had gone for.

If you stay in Singapore, you can visit Uncle San’s place. Usually, he is very busy as a lot of people go and look for him- so you need to be prepared to wait. You may want to call and go before 5pm (as many people go after work) so that there are not so many people. The first time we went on Monday night, we waited for about 2 hours before we could see him.

Update: Sorry, I have removed his address and phone number asI have been informed that he has retired

Uncle San said that he would try to make people get well as fast as possible- that is why he adopted the beating method to immediately help clear the blockages. After that, perhaps a person need to go back 2 or 3 more times. He said that if a person had to keep going back often to see him, he would feel sad and consider that his treatment must have not been effective to have a person go back often. So he had to use the bamboo stick because he said it’s the fastest way to get well- he does not want to drag on the treatment. His fees are also very reasonable.

For conditions such as frozen shoulders, knee pain, elbow pain, ankle injuries, lower back pain, ancient knowledge tells us it is due to blockages- if you clear these blockages, and when chi and blood flow are restored, the pain is gone.

When you go for conventional medical treatment for pain, surgery is often prescribed- but surgery only attempts to fix the symptoms but may not fix the cause. And the problem would resurface- probably at another new area. Alternatively, if surgery is dangerous, then pain killers are next- and too much of pain killers would eventually affect the kidneys and liver. Also, the pain dosages would gradually need to be increased. Not only are these detrimental, they are also very expensive.

The ancient arts from various traditions have means to heal the pain and this is one of them that I would like to open your eyes to. But if you want to get better, it takes time- and also a change within ourselves- because our personality factors also play a role. If we want to get better, we need to undergo healing, both on the physical as well as within.

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