Too much sex and thinking about sex drains you of vital life energy

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In today’s society, everyone wants to be sexually attractive and the commercial industry generates billions of income by ensuring this message is being driven into the minds of the consumer. That being thin and desirable would make a person happy. Websites offering ‘Aunt Agony’ columns generally advocate the more sex a couple have, the better. If having frequent sex feels good, then why is it that you find people posting in forums to get answers to confirm if it is right or not?

In ancient Chinese healing systems, it is identified that the following would drain a person’s life force energy:

  • having too much sex- energy leaves though the sexual organs- where the vital life force energy is stored
  • thinking too much about sex- energy leaves through the mind
  • watching pornography or sexually explicit materials- energy leaves through the eyes
  • masterbation- energy leaves through the sexual organs

A man loses a lot of vital life force energy each time he ejaculates. That’s why athletes are told not to have sex weeks or days prior to a major competition. For a woman, she would lose her some of her vital energy through orgasm, but not as much as how a man does. She loses a lot of it through childbirth and the monthly menstrual cycle.

It does not mean that we should then all be celibrate and abstain from sex. But if you really understand your vital life force energy, you would do your best to protect your energy at all cost- and not waste it or allow another negative person to ‘contaminate’ you with negative energies. Because if you do not protect and allow your vital energy to drain out,

  • you’ll always feel tired
  • your emotions would be disturbed and imbalance- you would find yourself more surceptible to emotional outbursts, highs and lows and depression
  • health problems would suffice due to lower energy and immune
  • the energy imbalances in the body leads to substance abuse like smoking, drugs or alcohol to give quick fixes and numb all the distress signals that your body is trying to send to you

….and in the end, all these factors would come together and may shorten your lifespan.

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell if a woman is with the wrong man. Her energy levels drop- you can literally see the difference in before/after. Her face gradually loses its glow, and emotionally, she seemed to be losing confidence and a grip on herself. If one is sensitive enough- one can also see the yellowish or blackish tint in her aura field- as if the negative energy is being transferred to her.

The same goes for a guy as well who is in a relationship with the wrong woman. Sometimes you may hear your friend complains- and these words, even though uttered out spontaneously without much thought- may carry more truth that he/she ever knows:

  • she drains me out
  • I am  tensed/ not myself when around him
  • she makes me sick
  • he gives me headaches

Too much sex and thinking about sex drains you of vital life energy

That can explain why those who are in the entertainment industry who have to always ‘keep up’ with the images and expectations of their fans often end up in substance abuse like drugs and alcohol.  The same goes for those who follow these entertainers because a lot of vital energy is expanded thinking, fantasizing and torturing the body (through excessive exercise, drugs and even surgery- surgery really weakens the body) to be just like their idol. They may not have the means or time to conserve the energy. When too much life force energy is lost, a person’s life would be at stake- their auric field becomes so weak that negative energies can disturb them- they start to feel down, depressed and may eventually hearing voices that is negative and even suggest that they commit suicide. Sometimes, one can literally….drop dead because there is no enough life vital energy to sustain life. Usually, the autopsy would reveal heart failure- the heart fails because it no longer have strength as the vital life force has been drained and the heart is too tired from the emotional onslaughts.

That’s why we should see the importance in conserving our life vital energies. Coz if we are not careful, with each dysfunctional relationship, we would gradually get weaker if we are always on the rebound and never give ourselves the time to recover and recuperate.

Make no mistake, with the right person, sex can be use to enhance both the yin and yang of the couple- in Taoism and ancient Indian texts these methods are being taught if both are commited to the practice. Tantric sex and kama sutra works- but if done but those with the wrong person or if you have serious energy imbalances, it may do more harm than good.

If you have not meet the right person yet, you can learn to turn energies into a different form. Sexual desire itself is a strong force- if you sleep with a dysfunctional partner, you lose life force energy.  On the other hand, if you do not know how to transfer it to other form, you get very worked up and sexually frustrated that it worked out like an unbearable pressure. With chi exercises, it can be moved upwards from the sexual organs to the ‘dan tien’ and other organs to nourish and improve health. You need not keep releasing it- but converting or conserving it for future use.

Casual flings, one night stands is actually harmful and detrimental to your vital life force. In the long run, it makes you more emotionally and physically unwell- you may feel more tired, drained, worthless, emotionally confused and desperate. You can defer negative energies from your surroundings and other people around you easily but anything that gets inside you  (through food and sex) would be harder to counter off.

Chi kung is a good way to practice to balance out energies in your body. As you learn to be more conscious of your body and your own energy levels, you will find that you would be more conscious of people that you come into contact with. That’s why the saying, to understand others, you must first understand yourself. No more clueless about the recent gal or guy that you just meet. Even if you may not be able to physically see the other person’s energy field, you would somehow intuitively know- and if your internal energies are balanced, your emotions are also balanced. So others would not be able to shake or destablize you that easily. And you would no longer find yourself drawn to bullies, pyschic vampires, abusers, emotional manupulators who do nothing but suck the energy (and life force) out of you.

As you grow to become more whole and stronger (internally), your energy vibration levels would increase and eventually, you’ll be able to connect with someone with similar energy levels. It’s just that you need to be patient and strong enough (emotional strength has nothing to do with physical strength) to keep a low profile as you build up your reserves.

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    Hello there,

    How about the wet dream? To me it sound natural as the act per se is spontaneous and not intended.

    sorry, it might sound confusing, right? Am don’t know how to explain it in clearly way..hahaha… as am not expect in this human energy field..ahaha

    • Yin Link Reply

      Hi Sean,
      Sorry but I’ve edited your comment a little before publishing.
      There are sites available outside that teaches one to conserve the energy – but both partners have to work towards it. And very few do- and if they do, the relationship would be much more lasting and satisfying for both.
      What made me decide to write this article is because many people don’t realise how they can drain their energy through casual relationships and of with the wrong people. The article is to promote more awareness and for further readings, they can research into writings of Tao- a lot which are now being translated in English

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    what about watching porn

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