Numb Feet with Feeling of “Leaking Air” Sensation

Last Updated on July 29, 2021

If you feel that your feet is numb with the sensation that air seemed to be flowing out from the middle point of the underside your feet, it indicates that your blood flow in your body is not well.

The signs that blood flow is not flowing well can be seen when your legs and arms easily goes to sleep, ie feel numb after being in a same position for only a short while.

Also, the middle point of the underside of your feet corresponds to the kidney health. It could also be an indication that ‘life force energy’ are slowly leaking out via the point. Usually the person would feel tired or no energy most of the time.

Traditional healing massage by experienced masseurs can help to improve the overall circulation of the body and clear up blockages along the meridian channels/ veins to encourage blood flow. Please note usually such conditions would not show up in tests. But during the massage, you would find that it is very painful as the masseur tries to smoothen little lumps in your veins.

After the massage, you may find that you feel just drained and fatigue. Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest as most of the time, the massage also would release toxins that are trapped within your muscles, flesh and meridians. Usually, you would feel better two days later.

The following can be adopted to have a good circulation system:

  • Avoid cold/ chilled drinks and/or ice
  • Drink lots of plain water
  • Be physically active and sweat more
  • Try walking on tiled floor that are heated up by the afternoon sun- a Chinese healer shared this tip with me.

We need to be actively involved in maintaining our health. No doubt, we can pay someone to massage but the real change to health would only happen if we take charge and make changes in our lifestyle. It is important to note that after massage, if we immediately put in unhealthy food/ drink cold drinks, it would be more detrimental to our health- because as our circulation are activated, it would mean that junk is even absorbed more effectively by our body.

As a child, I never forgot what I read in the book, Fit for Life- the author said that if you exercise and then drink coffee, it would be more detrimental for your body because the body’s circulation would improve and the coffee would be better absorbed (he had mentioned that caffeine is actually no good for health).

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