Bringing down fever with tamarind paste

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Asam jawa or tamarind paste can help to bring down fever- especially with children. But you will need to buy it in paste form- I am not sure if it is available in the West but the paste is generally sold in grocery shops in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.  Asam jawa paste is usually used to cook asam dishes- that is sour in nature like asam pedas, asam laksa, etc.

AsamJawaPasteOf course, you should not depend solely on this method when a child is sick with fever- medical care is required. This only help on the side to hopefully bring down the fever faster.

How to do it:

  1. Take the asam jawa paste and wet it with a bit of water. Just wet it a bit so that it can help absorb the heat but not too much water that it drips to the skin.
  2. Wrap the paste on a thin bandage or cotton cloth.
  3. Put it on areas such as the forehead and armpits. Leave it for about 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. After that, you will feel that the paste becomes hot.

This is an old wives remedy to bring down high temperature. I still remember when I was young with high fever that did not go down, my mom used the asam jawa paste, along with paracetemol and forcing me drink lots of water. Usually, when the paste is used, the fever would subside faster.

Also, keep some isotonic drinks around.

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