Creaking Knee and Clearing the Meridian Blockages

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

In traditional Chinese physicians generally believe that conditions such as osteoporosis, bad circulation, joint pains and creaking body parts are caused by chi or element imbalance. Chi flows to an invisible meridian channels. If a certain area is blocked- due to injury, lack of exercise, overuse or under-use of the body part, food intake (yin or yang type of food), bathing at night, drinking cold water, etc, these health condition will arise.

Of course, Western or conventional medication is able to recommend taking supplements, exercise prescription or operation (like knee cap replacement surgery)- but this works more like a quick kill. If the root cause is not removed, it will come back.

Also, imagine if for example, your knee’s synovial fluid is drying up- and therefore your knees started creaking. If it is a meridian blockage and you do not clear it, intense exercise/weight lighting may just aggravate the condition instead of improving it. Light exercise is okay- it is still better than no exercise- after all, physical inactivity also easily cause this type of imbalance.

What I am saying is if you suffer from creaking knees, aside from taking supplements and exercising, explore into alternatives- like acupressure, acupuncture, tai chi, qi gong, core exercises etc. Normally these teachers also recommend certain diet intake. Follow and see if the condition improves. This is because if the condition does not improve, you will be looking at knee replacement surgery in the future.

In July, I brought someone to visit a traditional Chinese physician who specializes in healing bone condition. Normally he will prescribe medicine wraps- which he unceremoniously plaster either using cloth, plastic and celephone tape.

Out of curiosity, I’ve decided to let him take a look at my creaking right knee. He took one look, press some points and had me stand facing the table. The next thing I know, he started hitting the back portion of my knee with his fingers- it was with quick jerking motions. At first, taken by surprise, I yelped in pain.. he then told me, ‘if you want your leg to get better, you have to bear the pain for a while, okay.’

So I kept quiet but the pain showed on my face. After about 5 minutes, the entire area at the back of my knee was blue black. He prepared medication- he took some black powder and make it into a paste under the fire. Then, he  wrapped the paste using a white cloth, and secured everything with celephone tape. The medicine paste leaked later and I had to replaster with masking tape.  It cost me RM50 (about USD14) for the treatment.

The medicine had a strong smell- it does not stink but it is just a type of Chinese medication smell. I had to keep the area dry and wrapped for about 2 days.  I wore slippers and socks to prevent my feet from touching the floor or getting unnecessarily wet.


The physician told me that I have meridian blockages- by beating it, it cleared up the blockage temporarily- I was to go back for the same treatment once or twice and he said the condition will be improved. But like other physicians who have seen me, he gave instructions for me to avoid cold drinks/water, tea and bathing at night.  I was to avoid certain type of food that is cooling- I hope I will find the time to compile these type of food.

When following traditional healing, it is important for us to adhere to additional requirements, especially the food intake. Else, the medication and treatment normally becomes much less effective.

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