Hot Water Bottle for Cold Limbs

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There is a simple home remedy that I have recently tried and find to be very useful in relieving ‘cold’ or numb limbs. My healer friend had spoken to me about this method but I’ve never had time to try it out. Then, the days prior to Chinese New Year, I was so busy cleaning my house that the cleaning lasts till night time. One night, it rained heavily as I was finishing. I use rain water to mop the floor. But the time I took a bath after 8pm, I felt my legs grow ‘cold’, probably from too many nights of bathing at night and being exposed to the rain.

So I took a used ketchup bottle made of glass, filled it up with hot water and cover with a layer of small cloth. Then I roll it over my knees, at the back and front of the knees, at the upper thighs and feet. The results: my limbs warmed and I feel so comfortable afterward. I had to go to my friend’s house to drop something- then before I sleep, I put in another round of rolling with the hot water bottle.

If you are staying in cold climate and you constantly felt numb or having cold or stiff hands and legs, why not try to roll a hot water bottle over it. It’s simple and you can do it while watching TV or reading the papers.

Precautions that you need to take:

  • ensure the bottle is air tight so that the hot water does not leak out- else, the hot water may scald the skin
  • ensure the glass bottle is made of material that is able to withstand hot water. Some type of glass are not durable and can break when hot water is poured on it
  • the cloth do not need to be too thick- else you may not feel the effect of the hot water. Have some trial and error till you find a cloth with the thickness that is just right. Don’t keep the bottle in one position, but you can roll it to avoid one area getting too hot

Important: If you suffer from health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer, please consult your health practioner

Areas that is good to roll the hot water bottle over:

  • back and front of the knees. You can also do a cross leg position with the bottle between the knees- it is really comforting
  • the armpits
  • lower back- good for sore and tired muscles as well- you can get someone to roll it for you
  • side of the breasts- any warming of the area can help improve the circulation
  • the palms and feet. It is a great way to warm cold feet- as we sometimes tend to feel especially if we walk often on marble floors

According to my friend, using a thick, durable glass bottle is more effective compared to a hot water bottle that you buy from the pharmacy.

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