8 Ways to Detox Electromagnetic Energies from Your Body

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Every day, we are exposed to electromagnetic rays from the electrical gadgets that we are exposed to as computers, handphones, TV. Our body constantly absorb radio signals and satellite transmission – so long as you live in town, these conditions are inevitable.

Have you experience the sensation when you touch a friend, your friend felt a small current going through his body? It could mean that perhaps, you are storing too much of these electromagnetic currents in your body and on the long run, it’s not healthy.

Our body conducts electricity and electromagnetic rays- very much like a tree does. That is why if we are strike by lighting, like the tree, electricity will use our body as the path to move towards the ground. And why do people find talking walks along jungle trails or places with lots of trees are soothing and make them feel rejuvenated? Not only it is due to the relaxed green colour that the eyes see, but our contact with nature and breathing in healthy air helps our body to feel rejuvenated. Therefore, I still believe that handphones and putting headphones in your ears connected to handphones, IPOD, MP3 are bad for your health in the long run.

This static and tiny particles of electric charges causes stress to your body cells and in turn, can contribute to emotional stress (which always happen when your body is feeling ‘one kind’). Therefore, it is important that you learn to detox these static energies from your body as often as you could.

8 Methods to do it:

1. Breathing exercise at dawn
At dawn, right before the sun rise, stand bare feet on the earth (not on concrete or floor made of tiles or other synthetic material). If there are trees nearby, it is even better. Breath in deeply- lift both your hands up the front of you, and in a quick motion, swing it down back to your sides. Repeat it again and again (at least 100 times will be good) with deep breathing. Try to keep your bare feet at least about 20 minutes on the earth- you can walk around. I have tried it and find this simple exercise very energising. My healer friend told me that the best time is during dawn- stand and absorb the energy.

If you can attend qi gong and tai chi class, it will be so much better.

2. Epsom salt bath.
OK, so you live in the metropolis whereby you have problem finding any green patch or it is not safe to go out wondering in the nearest park. What other alternatives?
For more information, you can visit http://www.radiantwholefood.com.my/content.php?cat=058&pageid=223 and look up the “epsom salt bath” and “sea salt and baking powder bath”. Believe me, your body will feel ‘well’ and lighter after taking these baths- which will automatically make you feel more relaxed.

3. Salt bath detox
You can read the detailed step on the salt feet bath detox from my previous article.

4. Food intake
Consume more natural food such as fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. As much as you can, try to cut down processed food. Give your body a chance to fight off these anti oxidants by giving it the proper nutrition. However, I do not recommend going organic or being a vegetarian. Just try to stick to food that is not processed such as sausages, burgers, can food, instant noddle- you get what I mean, right?

5. Fabrics and materials.
Avoid wearing clothes (that includes underwear) that are made of synthetic or even silk. Natural materials and cotton will be best. Synthetic materials are very good at absorbing and conducting static electricity.

6. Avoid electric blankets
Robyn Welch, writer of Conversations with the Body, treatment many cancer patients whom she found to be using electric blankets. She emphasize that people should avoid using such things.

7. Reduce usage of gadgets emitting a lot of electromagnetic rays
Microwave- ok, if you have to use it, use it once a while but not all the time
Handphone- it is a necessity but avoid having your handphone next to you while sleeping. And don’t ever speak to someone over the handphone while you are charging it (Celcom Malaysia had issued an official statement to request people not to speak on handphone while charging it because there are instances where explosion occurs, resulting serious injuries and even death).
Don’t put the TV in your bedroom. TV in the bedroom is considered bad feng shui, by the way, if you happen to believe in feng shui.

8. Most important of all- maintain positive states of mind
Being positive, relaxed, happy and contended automatically boost your immune system. You can take all the precaution in the world such as living in a far away island with clean waters and forests but if your mind is filled with unhappy thoughts, anger, feelings of revenge, discontent you are self-sabotaging yourself and setting up your body for future illnesses.

Real strength is found from within. No one can make you whole or happy- you have to built that inner happiness and strength on your own. Learn to forgive, let go of anger, learn relaxation techniques such as meditation. Slow down your pace, take a step back and relax. Be pleasant and kind to people but firm to ensure you are not taken advantage on. Be answerable to your conscience- don’t harm others or wreck families.

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  • Dr Abhay Shendye Link Reply

    I liked your article very much as it explains science behind the simple traditional daily exercises.
    There is one such exercise popular in ancient Indna is agnihotra.
    I am trying to study it, which also talks about doing it at dawn and dusk.
    If you can tell me more [some scientific data] on special status of elecromagnetism at dawn and dusk it will be a great help.


  • Hi Dr Abhay,
    I’m glad you find the article useful. My apologies as I currently do not have the data that you have requested. For research data, you may need to go through published journals from others who have done research on the subject.

  • There are many different types of detox diet plans out there, some are more harmful than others, but many of them are safe. The trick is not to overdo it. First rid the body of toxins before you plan on any weight loss (if any).

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