Having toothache, ear pain, sinus, headache and sore throat at the same time?

Last Updated on April 3, 2022

If you find yourself suffering from one or more problems IN COMBINATION WITH TOOTHACHE/ TOOTH DISCOMFORT:

  • sinus outbreak
  • ear pain
  • headache
  • sore throat
  • red eyes

The possible cause:

Could be your tooth. Instead of going to see an ENT specialist, you may want to consult a dentist to have your teeth checked for infection. If the cause comes from your teeth, all the problem will go off immediately (almost like magic) after the dentist treat the affected tooth with cleaning and applying medicine to kill off the bacteria, followed by filling. The dentist may also put you on a round of antibiotics just to make sure.

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How it happened:

When you eat, foodstuffs may get stuck in between your tooth without you knowing it. It is not so bad if the food is stuck in between your teeth- which you will normally know because of the discomfort feeling. The problem happens when little foodstuff goes into a small opening caused by filling not done/filling already came out. The bacteria feeds on the rotted foodstuff and eventually enter the Eustachian tube via the infected tooth. As the Eustachian tube connects your throat, teeth, ears, eyes and head, infection that enters via the tooth can settle at one or more of these points resulting pain.

How many of the areas are affected also depends on your immune system- if you suffer from problems in the throat, ears, red & itchy eyes, headache- it means your immune is not that strong to fight off the infection. Ensure you get enough rest, drink lots of plain water, take fruits like oranges that are rich in Vitamin C to boost up your immune.

Personal Experience

A few years ago, I suffered from sinus, toothache, ear ache, sore throat and throbbing headache at the same time. The pain all over was so intolerable that I went and consult a panel doctor. Now, no one really like this panel doctor because he’s a bit weird- he will either attempt to refer you to his brother who is an ENT specialist or he will try to preach religion to you (serious, he did that until several staff complained about him). But we have no choice because his clinic was the easiest from our office.

He told me that a sinus infection had triggered my condition. He suggested that I will have to get my nasal passage checked- it could be narrow or something causing obstruction. He then insist to refer me to his brother who is an ENT (ear, nose & throat) specialist in a private hospital. I was not comfortable with his pushy attitude (if he is like that, I can’t imagine what his brother would be).  When I declined, he was not happy about it- he then gave me a spray that he said contains steroids and he said I should be using this spray long term to control my sinus problem.

My mom had earlier told me that she suspected my problem stems from a tooth infection- which I  asked the doctor. He insisted it is not and with that look that say that nurses are way beneath doctors in terms of qualifications, he said, ‘with all due respect, nurses do not know a lot of things’. My mom had the SRN qualification that is well recognized in all Commonwealth countries- nurses during her time were of the highest standards and they know their stuff.

Not long after that, I decided to take my mom’s advise and visit my dentist because I told myself I am not going to go on steroid sprays and also the pain in my tooth is beginning to kill me. My dentist confirmed I had an infection on a tooth- and the bacteria that entered via tiny hole in my tooth causes infection. He proceeded to clean up the area, and yes, they use high water pressure (that sounds like drills), apply medication and did the filling.

And almost like a miracle, all the pain just vanished (Further update on 21 Jan 08): As the infection was constantly reoccuring, I finally had the molar extracted)

Moral of the story

The above is from personal experience. After that incident, there are few more of ‘pain outbreak’ incidents that were promptly treated by my dentist. What I am trying to say is that- you should leave no stone unturned and get a dentist to check your teeth for infections when you suffer from the above sympthoms.

I know some of you are very afraid of visiting the dentist- but you need to overcome the fear- I have included some articles down there that I hope will help. If you do not get regular oral examinations, you may find yourself going through unnecessary pain and medication such as surgery, taking sprays, etc when the cause can be solved withn 15 minutes with the dentist.

Further Reading from the internet:

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19 thoughts on “Having toothache, ear pain, sinus, headache and sore throat at the same time?”

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  2. Thank you so much for posting!! i have been seeing a TMJ specialist, a Accupuncturist, a Chiropractor all because I thought this pain was steming from my neck. The lymph node under my started to swell more and more and my TMJ specialist injected it with a cortizone mix of medicine. My Accupuncturist put a needle to it and my Chiropractor continued advise adjustment were needed. I finnaly went to my general doctor and he prescribed me cortisone pills. Then I went to a ENT doc and I had to convince him I had an infection in my throat. Then I read your post, and Im not sure how i found it. After my tooth was filled by my dentist, i noticed the same miracle feeling. All the pain I’ve been feeling for years, disappeared. Thank you so much for posting! Had to have my wisdom tooth extracted.

  3. Dude thank you so much this really, really helps! I was diagnosed with strep throat 5 days ago, no sore throat just VERY painful earache and tounge/cheeck/toothache. Got antibiotics and all the other pain is gone, feel great for a day or two, but now the tooth pain (from my toothache I’ve had on and off for a couple of months… no $, no insurance= no dentist) the tooth pain is back worse than ever, but on a different tooth! just crazy but guess I better figure out how to get some serious dentist-ing going. Thanks! :-)~Michel

  4. i got this going on two. i did crack a tooth months ago but it doesn’t feel abscessed. all of my teeth hurt and i have a soar throat and feels sensitive when my shirt rubs against it. maybe i should consult a dentist?

  5. For about a year I’ve had an irritated throat and just feeling like something is there, as well as two rounds of tonsillitis right now a sinus infection and just general not feeling well. The doctor told me my irritates throat is due to cold intolerance. Until reading this article I thought the doctors are not checking my throat enough until I realised for also I have a chipped tooth that has further chipped away and is exposed I sometimes have excruciating toothaches depending on what gets into the hole and sometimes it just aches….. Going to the dentist tommorow and if I still have the old throat issues I will be surprised!!

    1. Dear Jessica, thanks so much for sharing your experience… Do share how your visit with the dentist went. I hope your problem would be resolved. I had a chipped tooth which eventually had to be extracted. And things improved for me after that

  6. Forget free health care. I would rather have free dental care :/ I believe many illnesses began with dental problems, and I have been unfortunate to have been through several.

  7. i have been having a throat problem for the past 13months,i have done uvulectomy,treated for ulcer etc bt no avail.it was last week that i was told to go and do S&P at a dentist.i hope it will solve my problem.

  8. Hi! Where can l find a good dentist inPretoria. I am saying a good one because l tried with one who didn’t see my problem she just cleaned my teeth. There is no pain killer l haven’t tried, was even admitted for a week due to sever headache but to no avail. It all started with toothache. Awaiting your assistance

  9. Good day
    I have excruciating pain in my gum and ear throat to I’ve been to the dentist and she put me on a course of antibiotics pain killers to but the pain just dont want to leave me. She said i must use all the antibiotics i am on the 4th antibiotic now i just want this tooth out because the pain is killing me i cant sleep at night its just unbearable.

    1. Hi Sheena,
      Usually, if the tooth is badly infected or decayed, the infection would spread and it would be very painful. When that happens, usually dentist would suggest to pull out the tooth. I sincerely hope your problem gets resolved- I’ve been through it a few times and it is one of the hardest pain to bear.

  10. Yin ,I have throat problems.( Gagging ) daily. Liquid ozzing out my ears , Sinus issues . About six months ago , my bridge fell out . Is it possible that is causing all my problems ????

    1. Hi John,
      If the dental bridge that fell out causes an infection at the tooth, when our immune system is down (for example due to health or stress), then the infection can spread and affect the throat, nose, ears via the Eustachian tube.

      However, if I may, I want to write about another possibility that are of emotional nature. If I am wrong about this, I sincerely apologise. The matter would then be best to be checked by an ENT specialist.

      When you write about all the symptoms above, collectively it seemed that it is indicating you are going through an extremely tough and difficult situation. A time in your life where it is unpleasant, yet we could not get out of it. I have written an article on why a person may feel like throwing up: http://healthblog.yinteing.com/2011/09/25/why-do-i-feel-like-throwing-up-whenever-i-eat/.

      Liquid ozzing out from the ears could mean that what we are forced to have to hear is annoying or something we really do not wish to hear. And there is a saying that the emotional cause of sinus is unshed tears. When one feel sad but is unable to cry, it come in the form of sinus breakouts. The sinus part I am sharing from what books on mind body connection mention as well as from my own experience.

      If the symptoms are manifestation of an emotional or stressful issue, often the symptoms would mysteriously disappear or improved tremendously when the emotional root cause are being addressed and resolved.

  11. Thank you. I am visiting my dentist asap. Went to see an ENT and he couldn’t see any immediate signs. He did mention it could be a tooth. Want to get that checked out.

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