Danger of Coffee Enema Treatments for Cancer

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Coffee should be drunk and not inserted up your posterior- Dr Albert Lim (oncologist)

I have heard people recommending the use of coffee enema as a form of detoxification. Cancer patients are told to use the treatment to detox the toxins from the body. Pardon my ignorance but I have no idea that coffee enema treatment means shoving a tube from the anal and then put hot coffee into it.

Until I read the article on The Star dated 5 October 08- I was shocked. Even with the colon hydrotherapy- I have a lot of reservations about that- basically pumping water up the anus all the way to the digestive track (and if I am not mistaken, the water pressure had to be high in order to clean the intensines properly) seemed all wrong. If you want to maintain a good digestive health, you will need to practice good eating habits- drink lots of water, take fruits and veges. Eating fruits about 10 minutes after a glass of warm water first thing in the morning is good.  On an empty stomach. Why I know it is good? Because I have tried it and I know of people I know who does it.

Danger of coffee enema on treatment for cancer

Think about it- if you shove pipes from the bottoms up- and clean it with water or coffee, few days later, the dirt or whatever will come back. Toxins take long time to accumulate in the body, you can’t just barbarically flush it off. And it’s worst, when the intensines are so ‘clean’ because the good bacteria obviously had been wiped out in the process, it opens to infections and indigestion. I know, after these treatment, the person normally have to abstain from certain food. But at that time, the entire intensine track is very vulnerable- it is opened to infection and attacks.

Another worry is internal lining being ruptured resulting in bleeding. If used on a cancer patient, the patient is already very weak- so it is easy for the patient to develop infection and/or bleeding. The father of my closest friend got advanced stage of lung cancer that spread to the brain and bones. My friend tried all types of holistic treatment to save her dad (of course, her dad also went for traditional treatment).

I remembered how sad it was to watch once a robust, humble and kind businessman turned to a shadow of his formal self.  How he suffered with the hydrocolon therapy and coffee enema but when I visited him, he tried his best to put up a brave face. So no, I am very concerned about people going on that treatment- and also those who adopt organic and vegetarian diet. The body is robbed of the nutrient to fight the disease. If the person really wants to detox, check with the doctor if it is okay to drink a glass of blended fruit juice with vegetables- drink the juice with the fibre together.

We always talk about getting rid of toxins, etc. We should be actively trying to get rid of toxins when our bodies are healthy and well. By the time the cancer cells develop, it is too late.

We need to understand that these cells are multiplying at an abnormal and alarming rate- so detox will not help. A balanced diet (with meat) will- it will give the body the fighting chance.

The concept of ‘starving the cancer cells’ means that the immune system and the white blood cells will be starved as well. So, the concept of complete detoxification should not work in this scenario anymore- cancer is a disease that had to be fought with nutrition, proper treatment, support from loved ones and a mind that do not swirl into pools of despair.

Mental state pays a vital role- so prayers, asking for forgiveness, making amends, letting go past anger is important- because we all know that when we are stressed, our body’s immune system hits the dumps.

My mom’s friend volunteers at Hospis. She goes to offer support and care for terminally ill patients and their families. And from her observation, patients who are placed on organic and/or vegetarian diets sadly passed away faster (within a year or two).

I want to say this because I see whenever people I know who are diagnosed with cancer, and my relatives, the first thing is offered to them is to go on an organic diet. Some follow, but some could not afford. But those who followed and stop taking meat are no longer alive today. Still, ultimately, the decision is up to the patient and the family. What I state is from my observation.

Lastly, please read the article on the Sunday Star- Bottoms Up! (about coffee enema). This article is writen by an oncologist Dr Albert Lim Kok Hooi who through 30 years of experience says that the treatment does not work.

Another good reference will be the information on Gerson Therapy published by National Cancer Institute.

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