Gyms Vs Slimming Centers- which one is better?

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Recently, I read with amusement the newest advertisement mantra employed by slimming centers in order to win over clients- ‘exercise not working out? Come to us, we’ll help.’

The ongoing battle between slimming centers and gyms have been going on for a long while. Each will accuse the other of not being effective. The slimming centers will say that it is extremely difficult to lose weight by exercise alone since we are so busy, have children, etc, etc. The gym will say that the methods employed by slimming centers are not that effective, is expensive and once you stop going, then you gain all the weight back.

Now, whether you chose to go for slimming centers or gym, you need to realise that both:

  • requires that you spend some money
  • in order for either method to be effective, you must, must control your food intake
  • once you stop going to either one, it is likely that the weight you’ve lost will be gained back, unless you adopt real sensible eating habits and exercise on your own.
However, I would recommend that you opt for a gym membership than slimming centers. This is because:
 gym strengthtraining exercise fitness - Gyms Vs Slimming Centers- which one is better?


  • slimming centers adopts slimming methods that does not involve exercise. There are various ‘creative’ method, wraps and treatment, all supposedly to flush out those fat.
  • you need to follow a strict diet program with slimming centers- else, whatever method they use will not work- and you will be ‘blamed’ for not having enough willpower. However, we need to realise that if we lose weight through dieting, we are effectively lowering our body’s metabolism, ie the body will try to conserve energy- hence, it makes it harder and harder to lose weight
  • you tend to spend more. I’ve known of a few people who have spent about RM10k in less than 5 years- and the moment they stop going to the center, they start gaining back the weight that they’ve lost, plus more very quickly.
  • Most gym membership costs less than RM2k per year and you have unlimited access- most of the time, people who have started going to gym and classes make new friends who encourage one another- as the result, they enjoy going to classes together and are more motivated to work towards a goal. This leads to better adherence
  • It is not possible to maintain long term health if you do not exercise- as exercise improves the blood circulation, toxin removal and distribution of oxygen throughout your body. It makes your body stronger and is able to delay or prevent an onset of various illnesses like CAD, arthritis, cholesterol, etc. Exercise also increases your metabolism and your body’s ability to utilize calories and fat. No amount of body wrap and spa soaks will be able to achieve that.
  • A slimmer shoulder that is achieved through wraps and diet will not look as stunning in a spaghetti strap blouse compared to a toned shoulder achieved through cardio and strength training. It’s the same with the stomach, thighs and bums.

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  • Health Fitness Reports

    I agree gyms are better because you have more freedom and a wider choice of machines and free weights.

    A good diet should be followed regardless of what you choose because exercise is only a small part of the process, you need to eat well.

  • very nice great post

  • shilpi agarwal

    hi. i read it and i think that slimming centers are good to join in any age group. If u wanna healthy lifestyle do a little exercise and take a good food, its enough but yes! If you are obese than gym is a right choice.

  • scott- girl

    I vote for gym as i have seen the result. I have done the weight lost programme by slimming centre and intensive gym workout, the latter proved the best.
    1. If you skip eating, you will gain the weight quicker if relapse, than you loose weight by excercise.
    2. Both will make you look slim however toning through exercise will make your body look lean and sporty. You will look smart and gorgeous in any outfits.
    3. By exercise you need to eat frequently coz to fuel your metabolism. Easy! Rather than starving! Just eat the healty way.
    4. In gym you are encouraged by others and make you work more in your workout but in slimming centre it is really bored, you just look on the ceiling while waiting the machine to stop. The sense of reluctant to come back.
    5. The slimming machine or belt or any other devices are just a mimic and
    6. Finally, “nothing that is really worth than you put your effort upon it”, that is the words from my gym trainer.

    • Yin

      Dear Scott-girl,
      Thanks so much for sharing your experience. You are right, the satisfaction that comes from seeing results through your own hard work cannot be matched by anything else. Glad you have made the right choice and well done 🙂

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