Shoulder, Arms and Hand Pain

Pain or Injuries

Most of us underestimate the importance of developing and maintaining shoulder flexibility. We lift weights and try to develop leaner triceps or bulgier arms but we often neglect to stretch and strengthen our shoulders.

Shoulder inflexibility, coupled with the fact that we literally sit the whole day hunched on front of a pc, will eventually bring about all types of chronic problems-

  • shoulder and neck stiffness
  • stiffness and pain in the arms- ranging from the wrist, all through the biceps and triceps
  • contribute to conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • places the shoulder, rotator cuff muscles and upper back to further susceptibility towards injury- especially when doing weight lifting.

A friend of mine, who works as a bank manager is currently suffering from pain all the way from his shoulders and the pain was specially prominent at the areas near his forearms and thumb. I advised him that he need to take immediate precaution as the early signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is already there and if it gets really bad, his nerves will swell up and he would require an operation to correct the condition. Since he stayed in Bangkok, he had tried to go for massage but the relief was only temporarily and the problem came back after a few days.

Every evening, he has to tally the days’ transaction- he will use his left hand to hold the transaction records and his right hand will automatically be on the calculator (he can type the numbers without looking at the calculator). His right hand- from his thumb all the way to his shoulders are now giving him pain. I got him to do some stretching exercises and when it comes to shoulder stretches, I could see that his shoulder muscles was not flexible. Now, if the shoulder muscles are not flexible. you can achieve a greater range of motion by using an exercise band.

For the benefit of those who are suffering from such pain, I’ve compiled some exercises from YouTube. Golf stretching exercises are useful because golfers also need to have flexible shoulders in order to execute a more powerful swings. Also, try to extend the stretches to your lower back as well.

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