So you have sinned in a big meal, what to do next?

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During the last few weeks, I’ve been invited to many lunches by friends and colleagues. My friends paid for my lunch from their hearts as their gesture of thanks, and it will not be appropriate to complain about the calories, rite?

If you think you have been ‘bad’, then check out some of the food that I’ve been eating:


IMG 2928 - So you have sinned in a big meal, what to do next? Above: My absolute favorite- marmide chicken. Next to it is tauhu (fried in Thai style). There’s also mutton (that I don’t eat) and some veges stir fried with belacan.

IMG 2929 - So you have sinned in a big meal, what to do next? Above: Fish, deep fried with fried ginger interlaced with eggs. The ginger and egg is normally used for the traditional Chinese wedding prawn dish but the creative restaurant owner decided to substitude with a fish instead
IMG 2972 - So you have sinned in a big meal, what to do next? Above: Dinner at Chilis Grill and Bar. Those are cream and mash potatoes with fried chicken.What damage control you can do after these meals:
  • First, quit feeling guilty or rotten bout yourself. Part of the joys of living is to be able to experience great food. Many people, especially ladies, feel really bad after a big meal like those above.
  • Second, plan your exercise programs. If you have taken more so much of carbs, you will need to do more cardio at longer duration. If you normally go to the gym 3 times a week, add another session with enriched cardio
  • Third- cut down on food intake for the next few days. Oily food places a big burden on your digestive system- so it’s good to take more vege (steamed or stir fried with less oil) and citrus fruits or green apples.
  • Finally- be patient- it takes time but when you are accountable for each heavy indulgence (that you have every right to), you will have less tendency to develop an eating disorder (binging, purging, bullimia, aneroxa nervosa). It will enable you to control your weight in the long run.

I did what I mentioned above and everything is back to normal within a week 🙂



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