Excuses that we love to give ourselves for not exercising

Exercising, Staying Motivated

I’ve asked a number of my friends what made them hesitate to join the gym or just commit to an exercise program. The excuse I frequently get: “aiya, don’t wanna join la. I heard that once a person who goes to the gym stops exercising, the weight will just ballon up like nobody’s business. There, that’s what happened to that so-and-so- she stopped the gym and now see what had happened to her… so scary!”

Hmmm…. afraid to join the gym or exercise because worried will gain more weight than before?

If you are one of those who agree with my friends, then please answer this question that I have:

Suppose you fall in love with someone. And the feeling is mutual. So what are you going to do?

Will you:
A. Choose not to take the risk because heck, according to some statistics somewhere, 50% of marriages end up in divorce, or that person could be a bad person, or the person may leave you for someone else, and so on…
B. Take the risk- give yourself a chance and come what may. Yes, there may be heartaches, divorce, and blah blah blah but you will not know till you’ve tried, rite?

So, what would your answer be? A or B?
Most people I know (except those who have been badly burnt, but that’s another topic altogether) will choose- B. So if you are willing to take a risk into a relationship that sometimes may not promise forever, then why aren’t you willing to take the risk for something that’s more certain?

After all, exercising (combined with sensible eating) helps you to lose weight, feel better and more energetic and yields countless health benefits. It’s literally a passport for you to enjoy a better quality of life.

Yes, the day may come when you will become so busy with family, career, baby, relocation, etc that you will no longer be able to fit a regimented exercise program into your life. But today is still here- do what you can for yourself today and let the future take care of itself. I have a colleague whom I’ve been encouraging her to exercise, but she told me she’s so busy- after work rush back and take care of 2 very hyperactive twin boys. She needs to give her tired mother a break and take over the boys and help out in cleaning after work. So she told me she really have no time. I understand the difficulty that a young mother face- and of course, joining a gym will be the last thing on her mind. But today, she told me she is will make it a point to play badminton with her husband and friends every Wednesday night. Last Wednesday she went and this Wednesday she will be going again.

From what I know, if something is truly your priority or you feel it’s important enough, you will make time for it no matter how. Don’t worry, things will just fall into place.

So take the risk. And by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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