Stability Ball Dance

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

I have come up with a modification exercise that you can use on the Swiss/Stability ball- dancing on the Stability ball.

What you need:

  • First, you need to be comfortable with the Stability ball- that you are able to balance comfortably and move on top of the ball without constantly almost tripping over
  • If you have blood pressure issues (high or low blood pressure), avoid doing poses whereby you are lowering your head on the floor that the level of your head is lower than your body. This will cause sudden rush of blood to your head.
  • Ensure you practice in a clear space, ie no table corners, chairs or objects that you may accidentally bang your head or body against should you lose balance.


  • Sit on the ball, and simply, well, dance, twist, stretch, bounce according to your favourite music/videos
  • You can do this while watching MTVs from TV or YouTube. For starters, you can refer to selection of my favourite songs.
  • Set a time for yourself- for instance, you will continue dancing for half and hour. In YouTube, you can create your own playlist (after creating an account) and once you play the list, the videos will play continously without stop.
  • Move according to the rythmn of the songs- for fast songs, dance, bounce and twist your body/legs quickly. For slow sentimental songs, try to move gracefully and slowly, using twists or stretch.
  • If there are certain movements that you are not sure, you can try to do it slowly and not in quick jerky movements. Take care especially if you are forming a curved shape using your back on the Stability ball- any exercise that involves your tummy must be done in neutral spine and with your tummy tucked in. Else, you will end up hurting your lower back.


  • Totally enjoyable, you get the select your favourite music to suit your taste.
  • When you enjoy your workout, it also becomes effortless.
  • Moving according to the music’s rythmn allows you to develop greater sensitivity and trust in your body’s movements. It improves your ability to balance on the ball, which improves your balance and response in your daily live- such as you will be able to respond quickly to avoid injury if you slipped and fall, or be able to balance all kinds of stuff in your arms without injuring your back or tripping over.
  • Improved core strength will result more benefits coming up from your other workouts. You are no longer using your limbs to move, but the energy originates from your core. With that, you reduce injury to your limbs.
  • If you love dancing but suffer from weak knees or knee pain, a large portion of your weight is supported on the ball, leaving your legs free to move and bend.
  • Yet another form of exercise that you can do at home, without requiring a gym.

I have loved dancing even before I was 10 years old. When I was growing up, Paula Abdul’s dance moves is my favourite, and still is till this very day. The type of dances taught in Body Jam today, involving lots of hip hop and quick jerky movements does not appeal to me. To me, a real dancing should be as graceful as those dancers you see in Swan Lake or as fun as those you see in Footloose or Maniac. That is when you dance, you are connected to your body and feelings and the dance comes from your heart and senses.

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  1. I ‘Stability Ball Dance’ almost every day! It’s great exercise (and your muscles will tell you that after your first day!)

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