Don’t Ignore the Core in Your Workouts

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Now I am a firm believe in core strength and stability. Previously, aside from abdominal crunches, I have performed some stretches using the Swiss ball and it helps a great deal. Recently, I have attended a class organised by my gym on core strengthening exercises using the Swiss ball.

Could it be just a pure coincidence that my knee pain just went off and my movements are so much easier after I have tried out the class? I find the exercises on the Swiss ball challenging but not too tough because I have been doing crunches exercises on the ball for some weeks. I had stopped doing crunches using the abdominals machine as I felt the Swiss Ball actually engaged much more muscles.

Like tai chi and qi gong exercises, you will not see drastic changes in your body as muscle gain, sweating buckets or rapid weight loss. These core muscles are so deep inside your body- and they play such a vita role in your health. Everything from injury prevention and healing, easier movements, better balance and boost to immune system.

It’s likely I will be actively incorporating Swiss ball exercises in my workout routine. I have very good faith in these exercises and will be exploring on how to use these exercises in areas of pain management, improved posture and possibly, delaying the effects of osteoporosis in older folks. Of course, diet plays a vital role as well especially in degenerative illness.

Also to share with you, a great motivator for me to really acquire more knowledge and practical training in this area is to help my mom. She is already displaying early signs of osteoporosis. She’s not even 70 yet but years of working hard (she still does lot of housework at home and is very active) but without the proper conditioning exercises is giving her a hunched posture. If our posture is not right, like we hunch a lot, our lungs will not be able to breathe in enough oxygen.

The hunched posture also show weakness in certain muscle areas, causing the body to adjust and bend unnaturally to compensate for the weak muscle. The best solution is to strengthen the muscles and perform strengthening exercises to ultimately correct the posture.

As I learn more and come across new discovery, I will be sharing this in my blog.

Well, initally I plan to have a goal to train for a marathon or walkathon, but this will be a more worthwhile area to explore, don’t you think so?

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