Joining Gyms- How It Can Benefit You

Exercising, Staying Motivated

I really have great admiration for folks who are able develop and stick to their own fitness program without signing up for a gym membership. Unless you have cycling or exercise buddies that constantly urge you on, it’s hard to stay focused and consistent. For me, signing up for the gym is one of the best investment that I’ve given to myself and my health.

How a gym can benefit you:

  • it’s safer than exercising in the parks or lonely trails
  • it’s not affected by the elements like rain or sunshine
  • opening hours are long, some are opened from 6am to 12am, including public holidays- so the flexibility allows you to grab your gym bag whenever the whim to exercise hits you- like er, 10pm on a Saturday night
  • the steep membership that it’s being deducted from me every month is a big motivator not to skip the sessions
  • you tend to put in more and burn more calories in the gym- because machine gives very good indication- it’s obvious if your speed is slow. Unlike in the park, you may tend to slow down for breathers the moment you are tired.

Nowadays I really do enjoy exercising, and I feel very yucky and a slob if I miss my sessions. For instance, I was thinking not to go yesterday but by the time it was 5pm, I couldn’t stand it anymore- so I grabbed the bag and went. I managed to work out some good sweat from the cardio and after an invigorating hair wash, I feel absolutely refreshed. The motivation to exercise comes from within, and living a more energised life, I honestly do not want to go back to my tired days anymore.

For those of you who constantly feel tired all your life, you really have no idea how much you’re missing in life. Here, I want to share with you a few success weight loss stories from Shape Magazine- Shape’s a great magazine and contained lots of useful tips:

But I know lots of friends who will not be able to join the gym as they are very hard pressed for time to fulfill various commitments- juggling between career, commuting, childcare, taking care of the big baby (hubby), looking after parents, household, ferrying kids to tuition, classes… the list goes on and on. So I when I come across more workout ideas, the gymless style, I will post more. These posting will be posted under the Workout-Gymless category.

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