Signature clothing- using them to measure weight loss progress

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Everyone who is aiming to lose weight normal will have their own signature piece of clothing. Maybe it’s that little black party dress or a pair of skinny jeans. Signature clothing are a good motivation to steer onself to continue, when there are a thousand reasons to just give up.

Let me share with you my signature clothing (past, current & future)

  • Initially for me, it was to fit into my pair of James Dean jeans that had always been tight. I have managed to fit very comfortably into it and the jeans is getting a bit loose.


  • Everyone’s weight fluctuate up and down. I bought a pair of nice working slacks from Isetan– I even had it nicely altered to suit my frame. But sadly, that pair of pants have been sitting in my closet and had never been worn because I was again too ambitious when I brought it- so the pants were too tight. Then not long later, I could not even zip it up. So I gave up. Last week while looking for some stuff, I found the pants and to my pleasant surprise, not only I could fit into the pants, it was slightly loose 🙂
  • Few years ago, I bought a Sommerset Bay (size 7) dress- but never worn it coz my family (honestly blunt) told me that I should just get rid of that coz I look so horrible in it. I actually love that dress. Last week, when I tested the dress, I got the approving look from my family- in fact, I was even asked since when I had bought the dress. I finally wore that dress for the first time to a function.


It’s nice to work toward something. So I have selected additional pieces of clothing as follows:

  • to fit into a skirt that I had bought about 5 years ago (that was even quite tight then). I had to buy that skirt because one day while going to work, I got caught in the rain and my clothes were drenched. I only wore the skirt twice because the rest of the time, I could not fit into it.
  • to fit back into a light lavender coloured Sommerset Bay knitted blouse that I had bought about 3 or 4 years back but never worn it because….. a light coloured tight knitted blouse on a bulging tummy- you do the math

So, are you gonna start creating your signature clothing? Divide them into 2 or 3 groups- when you can fit into one of them, celebrate (but hopefully not with food) and move on to more challenging pieces.

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