Signature clothing- using them to measure weight loss progress

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Everyone who is aiming to lose weight normal will have their own signature piece of clothing. Maybe it’s that little black party dress or a pair of skinny jeans. Signature clothing are a good motivation to steer onself to continue, when there are a thousand reasons to just give up.

Let me share with you my signature clothing (past, current & future)

  • Initially for me, it was to fit into my pair of James Dean jeans that had always been tight. I have managed to fit very comfortably into it and the jeans is getting a bit loose.


  • Everyone’s weight fluctuate up and down. I bought a pair of nice working slacks from Isetan– I even had it nicely altered to suit my frame. But sadly, that pair of pants have been sitting in my closet and had never been worn because I was again too ambitious when I brought it- so the pants were too tight. Then not long later, I could not even zip it up. So I gave up. Last week while looking for some stuff, I found the pants and to my pleasant surprise, not only I could fit into the pants, it was slightly loose ūüôā
  • Few years ago, I bought a Sommerset Bay (size 7) dress- but never worn it coz my family (honestly blunt) told me that I should just get rid of that coz I look so horrible in it. I actually love that dress. Last week, when I tested the dress, I got the approving look from my family- in fact, I was even asked since when I had bought the dress. I finally wore that dress for the first time to a function.


It’s nice to work toward something. So I have selected additional pieces of clothing as follows:

  • to fit into a skirt that I had bought about 5 years ago (that was even quite tight then). I had to buy that skirt because one day while going to work, I got caught in the rain and my clothes were drenched. I only wore the skirt twice because the rest of the time, I could not fit into it.
  • to fit back into a light lavender coloured Sommerset Bay knitted blouse that I had bought about 3 or 4 years back but never worn it because….. a light coloured tight knitted blouse on a bulging tummy- you do the math

So, are you gonna start creating your signature clothing? Divide them into 2 or 3 groups- when you can fit into one of them, celebrate (but hopefully not with food) and move on to more challenging pieces.

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