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Workout in last Thursday nite:
Last Thursday, did my workout at night. Connected to the net and retrieve from my own Resource list of exercise videos:

  • Pilates for Abs (10 min) —very good for the stomach- you can literally feel the core burning.
  • Pilates Burn Fat (10 min) —quite interesting but not as straining as cardio
  • Pilates Sculpting (10min) —something different- done using weights
  • Then, as I got into the mood, did another 45 min of Body Balance release # 34 from a CD that a friend managed to get for me.

By the time I have completed, it’s about 11.30 pm.

As I have been doing mostly cardio these 2 weeks because my timing did not permit me to attend any yoga/Pilates based classes, I realise that I needed more core strengthening based exercises.

My suggestion is to compile a list of your favourite videos and combine with some videos that you buy from the shop. Else, you can built a few playlist of your favourite music and dance along as a your workout. Plan a few workout programs – you can create an account in YouTube, then collect your favourite videos and do as a playlist so that the videos will play continuously.

Today, I went shopping for about 5 hours but managed to squeeze in some cardio (about 35min), followed by crunches at the Swiss ball and proper stretching to cool down.

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