Year end is here–more celebrations and FOOD!

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Last Updated on July 23, 2017

IMG 1711 - Year end is here--more celebrations and FOOD!Both November and December have been quite a challenge. There are dinners and opportunity to catch up with friends & enjoy food on literally every weekend. At Malaysian dinners where all types of mouth watering cuisine from Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western are all lined up for the taking- it’s really hard to resist.

“Eat now, regret later” used to be my old motto. It’s now replaced by “eat now, exercise later.” 🙂

I no longer take huge portions like I do last time- but still, I will have tendency to indulge slightly more in the sweet stuff- that’s where the hidden calories come in- unlike eating some fried rice or steak where you can feel the ‘fullness’ and know you’ve consumed enough- it’s easy to overlook the calorie intake in sweet stuff.

I’ll probably try to figure out how to manage this year end ‘bulge’ later…. well at least…. after my dinner party tonite.

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