How Exercise Phobic folks could maintain their weight

Diets, Losing Weight

Of course, both are strongly recommended in order to achieve permanent weight loss or to at least maintain the weight loss.

Both are indispensable.

However, unless you are a guy who are gifted with extremely high metabolic rate and maintain that advantage even well after your thirties, then you have to watch the food intake. No amount of exercise will be able to help you stay on track if you consistently eat above your daily calorie intake and indulge in your favourite foods with abandon such as ice cream, cakes, pasta (with creamy sauce), etc.

OK, just for the benefit of those who are exercise phobic, I still have some good news.

I noticed a number of my friends who are relatively sedentary are able to maintain their size- even after delivery of a few babies. A friend of mine already have 3 grown up boys and she still in a good shape. What she does:

  • have no tendency to snack- ie she sticks to only 3 main meals a day- you’ll never see her munching anything during tea or snack timesmall eater- even during lunch, she will have a small plate of rice with 2 or 3 non fattening dishes- and it’s enough to last her till dinner.
  • eat proper ‘real’ food- no junk food
  • does not order sweet drinks with her food.
  • she literally does not consume sweet drinks- at most, she will only order hot water or hot chinese tea- with has no calories.
  • by the way, she does not suffer from the sugar addiction syndrome as she was not accustomed to having junk food when she was young
  • she still try to go for walks during the weekends- once or twice with her husband. She also spends her time shopping where she walked literally the whole day but she does not consume a lot of food- so she also exercised during her shopping time.
  • Quite often, she will need to follow her husband to dinners and social gatherings. Especially during year end, there are many invitations for dinners and parties. She still eat during these dinners but in small portions- and after that, she will go for lesser portions and more on vegetable and fibre in her subsequent meals.

There you have it- if really exercising is not your thing, then you can follow some of the recommendations as above. But exercising is really an important to maintain a healthy body. A little exercise is still better than no exercise.

Also, think about this too- you can easy cut off 200 calories or more from your daily food intake by not ordering soda or any sweet drinks with your meal. Eliminate that afternoon chocolate bar or doughnut, and you cut another 200 calories. But if you take 400calories extra in soda or chocolate bars, you will need to do cardio for at least an hour (for moderately active people) in order to burn off. So which one is easier- not eat that candy bar or replacing it with an apple, or eat that bar – and then workout longer?

It’s much easier to gradually cut down the snack or limit from taking it daily to once or twice a week, right?

That’s also the reason why some people do not see any results even though their exercise- because they are still consume more than their daily calorie intake (even after taking into account of exercising).

Therefore, if you reduce your food intake and do workout, you are bound to see results- because it’s like the law of physics will never disappoint you…..

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