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Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Ok, you promised yourself that this time, you’ll go into serious dieting. This time you’re determined to make it a success. As you start, that sudden craving for McDonald’s Oreo Sundae hits you like nobody’s business.

After mentally telling yourself no for the 101th time, you have resigned to the fact that you’ll probably not make it. It’s just too hard to refuse, especially if McDonalds is found at almost every nook and corner and shopping complexes. “Gosh… it’s just too hard,” you tell yourself in defeat, “I might as well give up.”

That’s why this type of diet will probably never work in the long run. Many people tried all types of diet that involves cutting down their favourite food only to fail.

If our favourite food is in our list of forbidden food, we will definitely crave them. Rather than depriving yourself, mentally sounding yourself whenever you wanted to eat something really badly, you can:

  • still indulge but in smaller portions. You can still buy that sundae and eat it- but eat it mindfully and not like a hungry wolf who have not eaten for days. Savour every bite and flavour. I’ve read a very good suggestion: buy a cup of sundea, put into the freezer, and take a few bites.
  • go for low-fat or low-sugar option. If you yearn for that sweet creamy taste, you can always try the low fat versions. But low-fat ice cream or yogurt generally contained high in sugar- so you still need to control your portions.

For most days, I cut lots of sugar and starch from my diet that includes no noodles, rice or white bread. I don’t find much problem giving those food up – it’s just a matter of habit. Cutting down those food makes me feel more energetic and less tired at work. But, when you are out with friends, it’s hard to cut off your favourite food. So, eat it but control the portion, space out your indulgence to once a week.

So today, I woke up craving the coffee from McDonalds (taste great with evaporated milk). I had the McBreakfast set also…. with a pancake 😉

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