Project ‘Tummy’ Part 6- Recovery Plan

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Continuation from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5….

Yesterday, I feasted myself with good food- went for a Chinese 10 course dinner, and earlier the day, my friend brought me a delicious nasi lemak breakfast followed by a good lunch. In the 10 course dinner, the last course is the dessert- and it’s always one of my favourite. Helped myself to lots of sweet fried stuff. It was a happy occasion and I don’t regret indulging myself and having good times with old friends.

This morning, woke up feeling just a bit tired with a bit of pain here and there. That generally happens when I overdose in food and sweet stuff. Normally that goes off after a work out when I drink lots of water in between workout. Exercise increases circulation. I remembered at the height of my plan, I went for a Chinese 10 course dinner and eat only a little. Woke up feeling ok. But now, I take life much more easier.

I have my recovery plan in place:


  • Did yoga -and sweat buckets.
  • Followed by treadmill- walking up to incline of 7 @ 6.1km/hr for about 10 min
  • Crunches on the Abdomen Crunch machine- 25 times with 20kg weight
  • Cycling for about 7 min, wanted to do cardio again but my body told it that it was enough (because I also exercised yesterday)
  • Did crunches on the Swiss ball (30times) and proper stretch down.

I am noticing that stomach crunches are very popular nowadays as sometimes, many people are doing the crunches on Swiss ball or the crunch bench.

Food diary today: Breakfast: peanut apom; Lunch: 2 tablespoons of Ensure with lots of oats and 2 bananas, a cup of 3-in-1 Nescafe breakfast; Dinner: meehoon soup with lots of vege (and a little beehoon), and coz I could not resist, a packet of hot tea with evaporated milk.

My plan for the next week:

  • Good breakfast- egg or tuna sandwiches (home made in order to ensure it’s not white bread or rich with mayo/ butter). Can never skip or eat uninteresting stuff for breakfast.
  • Lunch will probably consist of either something soupy or salad. And judging from my bad habits, a little snack.
  • Dinner will be light and no rice.

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