Project ‘Tummy’ Part 5- Obession with Milk Tea

Last Updated on July 28, 2020

Continuation from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Have to be honest and admit that everything was going on fine till…. I discovered that a newly opened restaurant new my office serves the most awesome tea with evaporated milk. It’s literally my favourite drink which I could not refuse. Nearby cafe and even the drink by the previous owner tasted bad.

For the past week, I found myself wondering to the cafe to pack the drink, followed by a sweet delicacy to go with it …after lunch. But I try to take a light lunch though. Well, I go in with my eyes open as I know how much sugar drinks and sweet stuff contribute to hidden calories.

As the result, the tummy’s here to stay despite the crunches that I have been faithfully doing even though I am grateful it did not balloned up at the rate I am eating. Today, my boss brought lots of delicious Deepavali goodies like muruku, ghee balls, cornflake cookies, coconut candies, etc. How could I resist, hee hee.

This evening, my dinner consist of fried seaweed and an Ensure drink.

My exercise program this morning:

  • 1 hr yoga class
  • 40 times crunches on the Swiss ball
  • 20 min cardio (machine said I burned 250 kcal)
  • Weights for legs and abdomen crunch- 25 times (using 25kg)
  • 20 more crunches on the Swiss ball.
  • Proper stretch down exercise.

It must be the effect of sugar, so yesterday I was feeling very tired and asked for extra time off during lunch (which I will pay back in hours) to exercise. What I did then:

  • 5 min cardio warmup
  • 40times crunches on the Swiss ball
  • 15min on the treadmill
  • 20times crunches again on the Swiss ball
  • Warm down & stretching.

Eating too much sweet stuff is bad for my system. From last week till yesterday, I felt extra tired again. Perhaps I should start back weaning off processed sugar and starch completely again. See how first…

Next….Part 6, Part 7

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