Project ‘Tummy’ Part 3- Swiss Ball Crunches

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Continuation from Part 1 & Part 2.

I think my hunch on using the Swiss ball is working.
Yesterday at the gym, I did 40 times crunches using the Swiss ball aside from the following schedule:

  • yoga class (1hr)
  • 45 min of cardio (the intensity: 350 kcal)
  • then another yoga class (1hr)

Feels good as yoga really stretches muscles well.

Today, my workout:

  • 15 min cardio (200kcal)
  • 40 times crunches at the Swiss ball
  • weights- for the hips and lower back
  • 20 min cardio (200 kcal)
  • cruches again…40 times …yes, I am crazy : > I know I will probably break my back if I aim at 70 times per go. So I learned to split into 2 rounds.
  • warm down streches (10 min)

I read in one of the Yahoo Answers- someone mentioned that no matter what type of exercise you do to reduce your abs, if you do not reduce food intake, it will not work. I agree with the person. You really must make some adjustments to your food intake, else the effort is in vain.

Somehow doing crunches using a Swiss ball tend to exercise the deeper end of the abs muscles, and at the same time, it’s friendly to the back as the Swiss ball is quite soft. Also, I find that somehow, I don’t have much appetite nowadays since I started on this exercise.

New Finding

Aiyo…. I did another YouTube search and realised I did my crunches wrongly (I come up the entire way). This video talks about the benefits of using Swiss ball as opposed to machines or traditional sit ups. I will try to do it correctly the next time.

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