Project ‘Tummy’- Part 2- Progress so far

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Continuation from Part 1.

This week, have been doing crunches using the Swiss Ball/ balance ball. About 50 to 60 times per gym sessions. So far, managed to go to the gym twice this week.
Aside from that, still do cardio and go for classes (mainly yoga).

What I am experiencing:

  • my core feels stronger- feel more strength and stability
  • each time I sneezed or laughed, my tummy hurts- even on days I did not go to gym. I take this as a good sign that some stomach muscles are developing
  • the bulge reduces, even though it’s far from flat
  • surprisingly, less appetite to eat- I tend to prefer food that are simpler and not so hard to digest such as salad (with little dressing) or wholewheat noddles soup.

Food intake

  • Also keep my intake of peanut butter to the very minimum- about 1 teaspoon every few days.
  • Back to having Gardenia’s Breakthru bread with omelette with either ginger or bitter gourd inside. You can add vegetables or sausages in your omelette and have with Gardenia’s Breakthru bread- it’s quite filling.
  • Divided a snicker bar into 3 days- reason due because Snicker bars are quite filling.
  • The rest, quite the same- dinner have not been eating much coz quite tired after work and not much appetite

If this project of mine is successful- mainly adding crunches using a Swiss ball- I will share with others. Right now, I am using myself as an experimentation subject. See how it goes.

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