Calories in ordinary food (and how much of exercise to burn them)

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Due to some cheap offers going on at a hypermarket from 8am to 10am, I brought mom to do her grocery shopping. After going one big round, pass the clothes & stationery sections, mom had still not finished her grocery shopping. While waiting, I decided to do some calorie analysis- something that I had planned for long time. Tip when going shopping with ladies- especially for the guys who take your wife shopping: Since they are gonna spend ages, especially so many things are cheap, take a book or plan to do something- else, you’ll get bored out of your wits.

Here it goes: What you may never know about your favourite foods:

1. Maggi Hot Cup Noodle 80g: 266 kcal
Takes you about 20 min of intensive jogging at the treadmill to burn that off.

2. Skippy Chunky Peanut Butter
Per serving (1 tablespoon or 11g): 91 kcal
Generally, you don’t only take one tablespoon, rite?

3. Steffi Blackcurrent Jam
Per serving- about 20g: 48.2 kcal
It is writen on the label that for every 100g of jam, there are 63g of sugar- you do the math.

Drinks- the calories that are packed in the little devils…
1. Sunkist Grape Drink (the small bottle) 250ml: 100 kcal

2. Low Fat HL Marigold milk- 200ml= 108kcal

3. Green Love Brand: Lemon Flavoured Green Tea 500ml= 190kcal
Sugar content in the bottle: 45.5g

4. F&N orange carbonated drink 240ml (1 can)= 114 kcal
In every can, there are 28.6g of sugar. Wow, think of what that medium sized that you get from McDonalds value meal is gonna cost you.

5. Nescafe Breakfast 3-in-1(1 packet/ 30g)= 118kcal.
Still my favourite drink- so I still take it every day.

However, calorie is not everything. In the height of the calorie and low fat craze, many people gained weight because there are some facts that they have not realised:

  • between milk and can drinks, milk is a better choice because it is more filling and has calcium. Sometimes, you buy a packet of milk and put in your coffee, it’s so filling that you may not want to eat anything else.
  • bread- white bread and whole meal will make you hungry quite fast. I find Gardenia’s Breakthru multi grain bread is good- so far have been taking that for a few months and don’t get hungry fast.
  • To go with your bread, between jam and peanut butter, I would recommend peanut butter (but watch the portion coz it’s very fattening). Buy the peanut butter that does not come with added sugar.
  • Else, fried an omelette (with sausage or your fav vege in it) and eat with your multi-grain bread- it’s filling and if you can continue that for a few months, you’ll lose weight off the stomach.
  • if you drink carbonated or fruit juice, you’ll get hungry very fast. I strongly discourage drinking the processed fruit juice coz it’ll mostly be just syrup. Even freshly blended fruit juice: it’s just sugar with nutrients- the sugar goes straight to your bloodstream, causing excessive secreation of insulin, that brings down your blood sugar levels- and that’s when you feel weak and hungry. Try to get used to eating the real fruit coz the fibre in the food slows down the sugar being absorbed in your bloodstream.
  • if you really want to go all the way to cut down rice, replace it with taufu. I seldom take rice within this few months and once you are used to it- you’ll hardly miss it.

Will start putting in for Part 2 the next time I am stuck with grocery shopping 🙂

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