Law of Physics of Weight Loss

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I am currently reading this very interesting book called: 10 Habits That Mess Up a Woman’s Diet by Elizabeth Somer.
She uses a very interesting simile.
No one can defy the law of physics.



No one is going to grow fat eating veges and grilled chicken.
She had studied her clients food diaries and at first glance, with the healthy food and exercise, her clients were not losing weight. She later found out that we may consciously/unconsciously sabotage our own efforts by:


  • pounding off many extra calories by mindless eating- grab a bit of doughnut while walking past the pantry, nibble off partner’s/kids plate, nibble on food while watching TV/surfing the net- most of the time, we can’t even remember eating the food.
  • have trouble resist second/third food helpings or eating at restaurants with far larger serving size
  • eat until you uncomfortably full
  • stretch the truth when it comes to how much we eat
  • forgo fruits and vege in favor of fries
  • make execuses for not exercising
  • drown our sorrows in chocolate or chips
  • waste calories on soft drinks and cocktails
  • consider yourself “on” or “off” diet instead of adopting a healthy eating habit as part of our lifestyle.

She emphasize that it is very important to have a good breakfast- it should be a healthy one and not something filled with white bread or food in high fat. If we skip meals, especially breakfast, we will tend to eat more later of the day.

So if you seemed to be following a certain type of diet but not losing weight, you will need to examine closely if you have done anything at the side to unknowingly sabotage it. For instance, if you are a mother and cooking for your family, you will be tasting the food or maybe finishing the food off your kid’s plate. Or maybe help yourself to a chocolate easter bunny that you found while cleaning up your daughter’s room. These may be unconscious eating that will never make it to your food journal but can translate to an additional 700 calories to your daily intake.

About a year or two back, I had always thought that my food consumption were not high and wondered why I was always overweight. Till I notice my clothes getting tighter and my weight were balloning way out of my control. Then I realise that those white butter bread, nyonya kuih (made with santan and sugar), packed tea (with milk and sugar) taken during breakfast and snacks had increased my sugar cravings (which had me mistaken as real hunger) and contributed to my sluggish metabolism and weight gain. The food were not even filling so I was not aware of my increased consumption. After learning more about food’s interaction with our body, reading books on diet, nutrition and exercise, I live my life feeling more healthy and energetic that I had ever felt in my life.


Investing in your health will be one of the best investments that you can ever made for yourself.

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