Craving for unhealthy food after food high on GI

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This morning I woke up with an itchy throat. Mom made some honey lime to soothe that irritated throat, which I drank, on an empty stomach.

That does it.

After about 15 min, all I want is to eat and eat- and the food that are running in my mind are not exactly the wholesome ones – I wanted something crispy, sweet, processed and fried. It was not even 8am and my food cravings had started- how am I going to survive the whole day?

Initially I gave in (as mentioned, still going thru that adjustment phrase that happens everything I travel to anywhere with sinful food). So I toasted my remaining wholemeal bread and ate it with a bit of peanut butter (no sugar added type), took some kacang putih (not the good ones but those coated and salted), fried seaweed and 1/2 cup of Nescafe breakfast. And still do not feel satied.

Then, I finally decided to take some fruits- longans and a grapefruit. Almost like a miracle, the series of craving that is bothering me goes off. I actually ate the grapefruit slowly coz I was peeling it slice by slice.

So this morning, I learned a new lesson- if you are suffering from cravings, take food that is low in glycemic index. If you must indulge, eat mindfully and a little bit. Then follow it by citrus fruits such as grapefruit, green apple and oranges as soon as you can. It will help to cure the surge and dip in blood sugar level that you experience when you are taking pure sugar or refined/highly processed food (high in Glycemic Index).

The honey lime drink honestly cured my throat. But next time I do suffer from sugar blues, I’ll eat some citrus food because I start putting in unwholesome food.

Next>> I have similar attacks:

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  • adriantai Link Reply

    u make me look really bad. i sometimes just whack lots of junk food… purely for the sake of having some MSG/ sugar in my body. i know its bad… but… 🙂

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