Slacking due to Stress?

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

This afternoon, I could not resist the vegetarian spaghetti with black pepper sauce (serve with lots of vege as side dishes). I convenienced myself it should be ok coz spaghetti has a Glycemic Index of 41 (relatively low compared to rice at 100). If the GI is low, you tend to get less hungry soon coz the food will take longer to turn to blood sugar. If you absolutely cannot resist carbs, then choose those with low glycemic index.

I am experiencing increased stress at work within these few weeks and I find it corresponds to an increased desire for sweet food.

Anyway, I felt a bit bloated after lunch coz I have not eaten carbo like rice or noodles for quite a while. Since I switched to my new way of eating, I seldom experience bloating. But came back and ate fruits (I packed them everyday, consisting of grapefruit, guava and green apples), felt ok.

Still, at about 6pm, I started eating a piece of sugar free Hershey chocolate, and that is followed by a huge fist of sweet coated peanuts. As I was going back home, felt a slight headache. I am feeling the bad effects that had encouraged me to change my eating habits in the first place.

Generally I do not believe that if we decide to go on healthy eating habits, we should deprive ourselves when we are tempted to indulge in our old habits. I want my habit to be lifelong because I am deriving so much benefits from it (increased energy level, much less mood swings, less tiredness). So I guess a bit of indulgence, without going too far, is ok.

Sometimes, when we are working towards a goal, we tend to forget the ill affects that made us want to change in the first place. Well, with a little negative effects of old eating habits, it will help jolt our memories. If we force ourselves and take the joy out of eating, one day, we will just stop and worst, start to eat non stop.

Anyway, tomorrow onwards, shall try to steer clear from the peanuts and chocolates ūüôā

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