Danger of Abstaining from Carbs & Going on High Protein Diet


First, I wish to reaffirm that I do not go completely carb free. My diet is more of a combination between the GI and Carbohydrate Addict’s Lifespan plan, plus a bit of intuitive listening to my body. Like other aspects of my life that is generally is not dictated by mainstream practices/ beliefs, I am not the type of person who go by the rules.

Here’s roughly what I am doing:

  • Try as much as I can not to take sugar and starch but I still take fruits (nutricous carbs- with fibre and vitamins). I take it as part of my daily snacks and accompanying meals.
  • If I do happen to take something that I suspect is high in sugar or processed carbs, I will combine with something that is low in the G.I index such as grapefruit, green apple or lots of fibrous vege. It helps to slow down the digestion of the food. For instance, this afternoon I took a bit of Oreo wafer and ate citrus fruit to lower the overall GI.
  • GI said it is ok to eat noodles (but not rice) and pasta but I don’t take that coz I believe those things will trigger cravings for food.
  • I learned from Carbo Addicts diet on how carbs work on our insulin level and other food such as artificial sweeteners, certain off counter medications & MSG may stimulate insulin secretion-resulting hunger pangs. So it is wise to avoid those food.
  • Exercising is a very important aspect of my life- so without taking some carbs (from fruits, bananas), I will have no energy to workout. For instance, if I go to the gym when I have not eaten, I may not have energy to work out- and could only resume after a few sips of 100 plus (isotonic drink). If I take a bit of carb such as Gardenia’s breakthrough bread (developed with the GI concept) or a banana, I have energy througout my workouts (burning at least 600 calories).

A scary article

Here is an article that I found while doing some housecleaning. It mentions clearly how high protein and no carb diet (like Atkins) may endanger your life:

Sixteen year old Rachel Huskey collapsed at school in August 2001 in Sturgeon, Missouri. By the time the helicopter was able to transport her to University Hospital of Columbia, Missouri, she was pronounced dead. An autopsy revealed that Huskey died of arrhythmia, an irregular heart beat, which is normally only seen in heart attack victims.

Doctors are connecting the low carbohydrate diet to this death because the chemicals found in 16 year old Rachel Huskey’s body the day she died. Her calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium levels were extremely low, proving that she was ketotic. Ketosis is a process the body goes through when it burns all the available glycogen (sugar), and then begins burning vital fats, minerals, and vitamins. This causes heavy urination, which means that the body loses additional electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium). And the lost of electrolytes causes arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat that produces an effect very much like a heart attack.

If I am not mistaken, Dr Atkins died of the same diagnosis: arrhythmia. Even though his supporters claimed that his heart illness had nothing to do with his diet, it is strongly recommended that his diet is not to be practiced for long period (more than few weeks).

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