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I am quick to realise that it is not easy to stick to my plan when I am eating out. Generally our nation is a sugar and high processed carbo eating nation. Go out to any food court and you will get dishes with rice, mee hoon, potato chips as either the must thing or as an enticing side dish.
If you wish to follow the method, you need to be discerning in your food choices. For me, I take very very minimal meat, so meat dishes are out of my choice. So far, I have been ordering yong tau foo with vege. I take about 4 pcs, then request that they add sawi and kangkung. As usual, an old habit of craving something sweet will come after lunch.
My newest strategy: prepare my own snacks- started yesterday, Thursday.
I have this Tupperware which is divided into 3 compartments. I put colourful food high in fibre with different tastes into it. It can be prepared at night and kept in the fridge.
  • Main Compartment 1: 2 oranges sliced.
  • Compartment 2: Mini tomatos mixed with baby carrots
  • Compartment 3: Sliced cabbage with raisins and walnuts.

It was good, I find that I am able to munch on stuff most of the time without the guilt, hee hee. What I brought to work today:

  • Main Compartment 1: A banana
    Compartment 2: pamelos
  • Compartment 3: Mini tomatos mixed with baby carrots.

Click HERE to see the photos of my fruit snacks

What I plan to include in my future snacks- dried apricots, walnuts, mixed dried fruit. See where my imagination takes me.I am able to succumb to eating sweet processed stuff like candy, biscuit, cake or Magnum ice cream. Instead, I am choosing more wholesome food.

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