May 2007

An addiction..

healthblog 300x169 - An addiction..

You just got to do it everyday. If you miss out on it, you feel kinda down & tired, No adreline rush or feeling of strength and energy…. Yes, it’s almost confirmed. I am addicted to exercising. Should be a good thing. The benefits of exercise are so enormous…. previously in the gym, I am [...]

So sorry….

healthblog 300x169 - So sorry....

I must apologise. Currently, I am dropping of the plan till further notice. Doing some bid of travelling to Penang and Singapore. A bit inconvience to my host’s hospitality if I start to refuse the normal staple carbo based food. Also when I am in Penang, I will be a fool if I were to [...]

So I indulged

Indulgences, Personal
healthblog 300x169 - So I indulged

Just came back from an absolutely great week in Penang. Met up with a very dear friend, and I was offerred the traditional Penang hospitality- taken to places where you can get real good food. Penang’s food is really delicious.. so I figured since I am not a Penangnite and have no idea when I [...]