My Plan is Working


Few days into this and I feel so much more energetic that I have ever been.
I sleep and wake up better. No more joint pains.

Tomorrow I am on my way to Penang. Penang have so much of yum yum food to offer. Not sure if I can resist. The hardest would be to say no to the teh ‘c’ (tea with evaporated milk).
Especially the white coffee served at Tapah resthouse is awsome.

But, believe me, if you stop taking white bread, mee hoon, rice and those kind of processed carbo, you will feel better and less hungry.

But of course, you must find enough reason to do it….. it is no doubt biological but something in your heart must tell you that “OK, I’ve have enough! I am going to care of my health after having abused the body for so long”.

Take care, okie.

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