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I have purchased a mini portable exercise pedal which comes with the bare essentials of an exercise bike- with only the bicycle pedals and adjustable nobs to change the resistance. The equipment is very portable- you can just take it up and carry from place to place...put it under your desk or while reading a [...]

As mentioned in my previous article, after discussion with a friend, I've decided to change my workout time from night to morning. Initially, it was a bit difficult to drag myself out of bed to go to the gym early in the morning. What I did was to prepare my gym outfits and pack everything [...]

When I first started developing interest in fitness, health and proper eating, I came across so many conflicting information. The same magazine can say conflicting things- one month they say a diet is bad, then few issues later, they say that research had found that taking that diet is good. There are so many books- [...]