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This information appeared in Shape magazine (April 2012), one of my favourite magazine. The visual and calorie information gives us a good indication of the price we need to pay for that impulsive treat indulgence. It may make us think twice before mindlessly opening that packet of candy bar, peanuts, jelly beans or chocolates: Gosh, [...]

The mooncake festival is often a great occasion for family get togethers. Normally, the moon is known to be the fullest in the year. The main ingredients that goes into the making of mooncakes are lotus paste and sugar- lots and lots of sugar. Traditionally, there are the lotus paste mooncakes and 'kam tui' (paste fillings [...]

Continuation from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4... Have to be honest and admit that everything was going on fine till.... I discovered that a newly opened restaurant new my office serves the most awesome tea with evaporated milk. It's literally my favourite drink which I could not refuse. Nearby cafe and even [...]

We have the obvious food that many people had placed into the 'sin' category, namely the 5 Cs: Cookies, Candies, Cakes, Chocolates & Chips. But anyone who had lost weight and maintained it for a long time will tell you that it's okay to indulge once a while. Today, I will not talk about those [...]

First, it's ok to slip up once a while. Nobody's perfect. It does not mean we are useless or is a failure. Don't hate yourself. Before I started eating sensibly, I used to feel guilty about my sweet tooth and food addiction, not realising it is attributed to the way the food I take react [...]

Exercised for 1.5 hrs (yoga based exercise and cardio) in the morning. Breakfast Nature's Bake Wholemeal roll- 2 with stuff omellette. Omellette contents: 2 eggs (seasoned with light soya sauce and lots of pepper)- cooked with small bitter gourd, mushroom and fish paste. Then put in the bread with a bit of chili sauce. A [...]

Just came back from an absolutely great week in Penang. Met up with a very dear friend, and I was offerred the traditional Penang hospitality- taken to places where you can get real good food. Penang's food is really delicious.. so I figured since I am not a Penangnite and have no idea when I [...]