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I would like to wish all celebrants a Happy Deepavali/ Divali to all. The festive session falls on Monday, 27 October 08 this year. For those going back to hometowns, have a safe and pleasant journey. One of my favourite things about Deepavali is of course the food- I had especially loved the ghee balls. [...]

Hi, Good day to everyone. I've finally made the move and shifted my blog from goodbyesugar.blogspot.com to this blog. I've previously hosted my health blog using Google's Blogger but now, I've acquired my own domain name and paid hosting to host this. If you have asked me a week ago if I will be migrating [...]

The mooncake festival is often a great occasion for family get togethers. Normally, the moon is known to be the fullest in the year. The main ingredients that goes into the making of mooncakes are lotus paste and sugar- lots and lots of sugar. Traditionally, there are the lotus paste mooncakes and 'kam tui' (paste fillings [...]