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fast food

Here are the calories content of the food. Some of the restaurants in KFC would display this table. Energy/ Tenaga (kcal) Carbohydrate (Karbohidrat) (g) Protein (g) Fat/ Lemak (g) Salt/ Garam (g) Drumstick 160 7 16 8 0.33 Thigh (Peha) 287 11 8 15 6 Ribs (Rusuk) 275 8 27 15 1 Chest (Dada) 342 [...]

As a multiracial nation, we get to savour and enjoy the best of all worlds- Malay, Indian, Chinese, Western...everywhere you go, there are a rich array of food, rich in fat and carbohydrate. No surprise that Malaysians have the most obesity related woes as reported in the papers: Malaysians have most obesity-related woes in South-East [...]

We have the obvious food that many people had placed into the 'sin' category, namely the 5 Cs: Cookies, Candies, Cakes, Chocolates & Chips. But anyone who had lost weight and maintained it for a long time will tell you that it's okay to indulge once a while. Today, I will not talk about those [...]

We have no idea how the food we eat affects us. Absolutely no idea at all. Is your life going to be happy? Felt you could do more but your stamina sets you back? Or the lack of energy robs you of a zest in life? All those years, I have read and heard advice [...]