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Recently I've rejoined the gym after quiting it for almost a year. And this makes it my third time of joining, quiting, joining, quiting and now joining back. Until I am starting to feel a little silly at times because when I dropped up, I was able to write articles about why I've chosen to [...]

Many people who quit the gym ended up gaining weight. That probably become a reason why they are afraid to quit the gym- and continue to pay the membership fees....but hardly going at all. Thus there is the guilt and self-directed anger (hating oneself for finding all types of flimsy execuses just to miss gym) [...]

I've decided to share this childhood story as I have been reading numerous articles on the Hungry Ghost Festival. A strange illness that I had when I was a teenager had played a role in shaping me to be the person I am today. When I was 15 years old, my mom sent me for [...]

Recently, I sat down and calculated my monthly commitments and finances. And I made the decision that the gym membership had to go. Every month, to pay the amount and hardly visiting the gym (because I have been either too busy or tired- yep I know, the usual excuses :) )- makes it impractical to [...]

Discovering your life’s mission, calling or following your heart is actually a continuous journey. In the beginning, you’ll probably be drawn to do something but you probably have no tools, skills, experience, guide and education to venture with confidence and assurance. It’s going to feel overwhelming and you’re going to feel that you are groping [...]

Dear all, Just a quick update that there is a change in my site design today (8 April 2010)  from the one with green blue background to this. From a reader feedback, I hope the white background will be less distracting while you are searching for information. The site layout is similar to my Life [...]

Most people are just chronically dehydrated. In case you do not know, tea, coffee and Coke dehydrates your body. The best is good old plain water.   You probably know that you do not drink enough of water. Most of the time, you would be so engrossed in work that you will delay that trip [...]

Yes, yes, I know I have mentioned in an earlier post that it is highly unlikely that I will quit the gym... ever because I have enjoyed tremedous health benefits from living a more active lifestyle. I do not deny that joining gyms are truly beneficial- especially if you are living a highly stressed lifestyle [...]

I would like to wish all celebrants a Happy Deepavali/ Divali to all. The festive session falls on Monday, 27 October 08 this year. For those going back to hometowns, have a safe and pleasant journey. One of my favourite things about Deepavali is of course the food- I had especially loved the ghee balls. [...]

Recently, there have been some major changes in my life. Personally, I've undergone some transition and is currently moving to a new phrase and purpose in life. My future will involve more travelling, one month at a time and I've thought about the practicality of keeping of my gym membership and continuing my writing and [...]

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