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Why I stopped blogging and removed comments option

This blog started from the free hosting site blogspot way back in 2006. With this blog, I could share my writings on health topics and many ideas on my own research, feelings and expressions. There is a lot of sentiment,  and work from the heart that goes into updating its comments.

However as times goes by, other areas in life took over and my priorities change. I wish to thank visitors for your visit to this humble blog.

Please read on any articles that may interest you. Take everything as you would with consideration- try out to see if it works. For example areas of mind body healing is very subjective and may wary from one individual to another.

I have also made the decision to close off the comments. No doubt I sincerely appreciate valuable feedback from genuine visitors…. but the total number of spam and junk comments had became too time consuming to moderate.

Take care and here’s wishing you a great year ahead.

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