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Dangers of lead poisoning from ceramic wares

If you drink your water, cook/store/eat your food from ceramic kitchenware/tableware, you could be exposed to lead poisoning.  Reason: If the ceramic ware is not made properly, lead (used to make decorative designs in the lead) would leach into the food stored on it.

The Sunday Straits Times published quite a disturbing article titled Toxic Tableware- Danger Stalks You at Home (1 Nov 09).


The Malaysian Associates of Standard Users randomly tested 20 samples of ceramic tableware- cups, mugs, saucers, plates and bowls brought from different places in town. The results:

  • 20% of the products were found to have leachable lead exceeding allowed standards by an average 1700%
  • one sample, flat rice plates even exceed by 7500%!

Dangers of lead poisoning:

  • damage nervous system
  • can cause cancer
  • affect brain development in children
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