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More exercises to relieve stiff shoulders and lower back

This is continuation from a previous published post on How to Overcome Shoulder & Lower Back Soreness When Travelling .

4.  Shoulder stretch– very good to relief tension in the shoulders and back area. I always do this exercise. (click HERE to view the picture from another site)

It gets more effective when done with a resistance/exercise band (holding the band with both hands shoulder width apart)

5. Another standing shoulder and arms stretch (click HERE to view the picture from another site)

 6. Shoulder stretching using exercise bands (click HERE to view the picture from another site)

7. Child’s pose

8. Spinal roll – with this pose, slowly, in a rocking motion, roll yourself to left and right. It removes the tension and pressure on the spine.

Click HERE to view the image from another site.

9. Spinal balances (click HERE to see the image from another site)

This is an effective exercise for lower back stiffness but need to be done correctly. The back has to be in an almost straight line- most people have the tendency to curve their backs upwards- this can hurt the lower back. Tuck in the tail bone when doing this exercise. As this exercise also involves balance, do it slowly if you are new- slowly raise your hand and the opposite leg, then lower down and continue on the other side.

10. Lateral stretch left and right with exercise band– make sure you tuck in your tailbone and keep the lower back straight when doing this. (click HERE to see the image from another site)

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Hope the above stretches help you relieve some stiffness. Please don’t do stretches on cold muscles.

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