Does Talcum Powder & Anti Perspirant Causes Cancer?

by Yin on March 19, 2009

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Talcum powder, being used in the genital area is said to cause ovarian cancer while anti perspirant is said to cause breast cancer.

Even though many studies have been inconclusive and contradictory, it is still better for us to exercise precautions.

1. Ovarian cancer link with talcum power.

Read the article published on the Sunday Star dated 25 January 09, writen by Dr Nor Ashikin titled: Talcum Powder and Cancer.

2. Breast cancer link with anti perspirant

Having body odor can really undermine a person’s confidence levels. As such, many sufferers resort to using anti perspirants to mask the problem. How anti perspirant works is that it literally block the sweat ducks, preventing the armpit areas from sweating.

Now, many people are aware that if you always eat greasy food and have low intake of water and fiber (the typical lifestyle of city folks who have no time to cook and have to eat on the go), it will eventually lead to cancer related to the digestive system. If that is not the case, then doctors and researches will not emphasize the need for high fiber intake and sufficient fluids.

If a person drink alcohol like a fish drinking water, then it has been warned that eventually, the liver will tire out and the chances of contracting liver cancer is higher. And excessive smoking has been linked to lung cancer.

You may have noticed that the observed causes of liver, lung and digestive cancers are very much related to level of substance toxicity in the body. If the digestive tracks are not cleaned out, foodstuff will rot there, resulting in painful ulcers, gastritis, ‘wind in the stomach’- which are very painful conditions. Mutation will occur resulting in cancers.

If we able to accept the reasons above, we should also exercise precaution of applying sustances on our armpits and genitals that may block out the sweat ducks. Sweating is our body’s way of removing toxins, chemical by products from the body- and products like anti perspirants block that. Now, if these toxins are not removed, where do they go to? Logically, they will travel and probably be stored at the next nearest place: the breasts. Many studies have linked cancer to adipose/fat tissue content. And the breasts consist largely of adipose tissue. So it makes sense, right?

From young, my mom, a former nurse had always advised us against applying anything at the genital area. According to my mom, things like hygiene wash is bad because as it kills off both the bad bacteria, it also kills off the good ones. When the bacteria comes back, probably the bad ones may donimate, causing easier reoccurance of infections. This is especially so if our immune system is weak- which unfortunately, seemed to be the case judging on the number of people I know who are always taking antibiotics due to cough, fever and flu. If there is itch or discomfort at the genital areas, perhaps the following precautions can be taken:

  • change underwear more often- daily or twice a day.
  • throw away underwear that are old
  • try to sun the underwear often
  • burning sensation when urinating could be caused by pH inbalance in the urine- drink young coconut water to restore the pH balance. Anyway, always ensure adequate intake of plain water

Talcum powder can be used once in a long while- when there is discomfort or itch but not as a daily constant ritual.

In conclusion, no doubt there is no direct linkage to usage of certain products and cancer, there is no harm taking precautions. Again, it is better being safe, than sorry.

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